Mita’s Humiliation Cross-dressing Story

It was all happened in my childhood from Childhood I was a chubby boy
Actually I was a bright student but poor at some of the subjects like Telugu and Social
I have some how managed with Telugu but I got Zero in Social
the teacher was very angry on me at that time
as it happened she noticed my chubby fave and long hair above the ears upto my neck
she called aaya and ordered her to undress me to nude
she made me nude
then teacher brought a skirt of another girl and made me to wear that with two pigtails on my head
later she took me to every class and showed my attire to all of the school
as it was the forenoon she ordered me to stay like that still the end of the school
I had to obey that
It was about to celebrations of independence day
I was given name for the both drama and dance competition
As all the roles are fixed there is no role for me so I went to dance teacher
I was given the red dancer in the group
The teacher noticed that I’m doing good
At the Same time Drama teacher called me for a role
He gave me the role of a girl because none of the boy intrested to do that so I have to perform
I said ok
I have also given the best in my drama in the role of a girl
And dance in the 3rd level
To my surprise my dance teacher saw my drama reharcels and got an idea to another dance
Actually it was an traditional dance performed by sarees
She involved me ala ok in that dance to my lady attire
I’m on the day of independence day
First given the western dance performance which was good
Next I was made ready for the Saree dance
I made to wear a bra blouse and a Saree in the dance I made to stand in middle of the dance over the 6 members around me carrying carrying ring to which sarees are fixed
All the dance was performed and as I was in middle I was carrying 7 sarees on me
Later that the drama I had made to wear the half Saree
I given the best to my hardwork my drama teacher fixed the drama in the last
I was given the prize do the best lady role
With all that my school days are finished
I entered to intermediate and headed good in my subjects
Later on I decided to study in banglore
I went there and my father joined me in a college to study engineering
During study I have searched for a part-time job
I got job in a training institute named for the bridegrooms
I joined there as reception assistant
To my activity I also joined a course there itself as it was free to me
The training institute provides training for the groom’s in all the ways to support their wives
Only less number of people joins this institute
To my class
Saree draping
I’m the last person to the batch of 12 members
In the 1st class of Saree draping there was only 6 manicures in the institute to which rest of the 6 members have to stay idle which made the head madam angry and she got an idea to us if any of we 3 members agree we can drape sarees to others
To which I have no objection
And 2 others had also dared to do
We sent to the institute tailor for measurements
Next day we got our materials ready
My job is to assist the office in the morning and go for training in the book
There we didn’t have any lockers so we have use the girls cabinets upon request for keeping the materials
We handover the materials and went to training in the afternoon
I used to make fun among the team
1 day a girl took serious about this and she took revenge by the day end
She locked all over male dress in the cabinet in the day ending and closed the office to which we 3 have to remain in Saree for that day
One of the guy called her friend and went to his home with help of his friend changing to male clothes
The other one said that his room is nearby and can go by walk
I have no option I can’t call my friends like this
I requested him that if I can stay with him tonight he accepted
We both went to his room in that attire in sarees only
I’m in his room
He changed to normal but I don’t have any clothes to change and neither of his clothes suit my size
He gave me a bedsheet and an idea to use it as a lungi
In the morning he brought some breakfast and as there is no option I have to wear the Saree again to the institute
This time he brought a scooty because I can’t walk in Saree in those streets at that time
I went to institute in Saree and our head madam saw me and we told what happened
She scolded both the girls and me also for making jokes like that
There after we finished the course successfully learned Saree cooking facing and understanding the girls nature
Finally finished the course
But my engineering score went bad which made my father angry and bought me to hometown and got admission in the local college
As the day passed all that I’m alone in my friends
To my nature no one likes me
Suddenly I got an proposal from a girl
I talked to her as a friend and finnaly accepted for kind nature
In the 3rd year I faced an accident in which my leg for fractured and got into bed rest for 4 months
As Time passed we got loved each other over hike and whatsapp
after my recovery she got me an offer to have her as a gift because a haven’t met for 6 months
That day we had a good pleasure time in her bed for about 4 hours
Then i decided to tell her everything happened in my life
She shocked on hearing that I know to to drape a Saree
On that day I draped her a Saree in her house
She asked me would you like to dress like a girl I asked why
She said that she rented that house saying that no boys will come over here
I accepted towards her safety
She dressed me in a long skirt and top
From that time
Every semester exams I used to stay with her in her house for studying
She likes to dress me everyday in her clothes in a new attire and in the long gap between the subjects a used to enjoy sexually or by playing games
After all the exams have completed she gave me a surprise saying that we are going to a movie tonight for a 2nd show
I got everything for her and got ready by 8pm the show was at 9:30pm and the theatre was walkable distance of about 15 min
She saw me and said not like this
I didn’t understand her words
Then she gave me a black color net transparent saree blouse and bra and some kerchifs and asked me to get ready in Saree
I was surprised
She said I have hair upto back there will be no problem and if needed she will tie a scarf around my face
She somehow convinced and helped me in getting ready in that Saree
She made my hair and makeup
Kept bindi and gave me 6 bangles to each hand and also payal and cheppals to get ready
At last something was missing so eventfully she put an scarf so that I can look as girl in dress
We walked to the theatre a bit late so that I can be safe and she took the tikets in the evening
As it was a flop movie there was no crowd and got setteled
She asked me to remove the scarf in theatre I unwillingly removed the scarf
In the interval she brought everything for us
After the movie We again got walked towards her home
It was cold weather in time around 12:30 breezing around my net saree
She became naughty on seeing like that and i was not wearing scarf too
We almost came near to her house
She asked me to wait at some distance so that she could open the door and take me ASAP
I said ok she went hill up towards her house I can see her opening the door
She came back and said let’s go home
Being naughty she pulled the Saree from my chest and ran towards the house
And I was made half nude walking fast in blouse and skirt towards the home and fastly entered into the door
She said sorry for that
In the night we loved each other on her bed
The next day we had a great laugh on remembering this
As says passed we completed our engineering and she remind there for coaching of competitive exams
My father wants me to do masters and joined me in a reputed college in vijayawada
There I got a private room and also started earning by telling tuitions to engineering students
I have gathered some stuff like
Bra and panty sets
Breast forms
Whenever I aone at room I remain in girls attire
And my girlfriend visited my place after 6 months I received her from busstand
We had a pleasure night
She stated with me 3days
We enjoyed those 3days with movies outing etc
I stay in a room nearby Krishna river one night in the midnight we both went into the sand of Krishna river
I was in t-shirt and shorts and she was in Chudidhar
She said that she was missing my girl attire
She wanted me to get ready in Saree which she brought for me as a gift
I told her if he told her I would be ready in the room itself as I had girl stuff
She was surprised on hearing that I was gathering girl stuff
She forced me to get ready in Saree She brought in her handbag
I refused to do so
But she convinced me that if got there itself then she will have sex there itself with me
I want to use that situation but I said first sex and later I will get ready
She refused but some how we both got some courage and had a wonderful pleasure on the sand
Later I was still nude in the sand she got dressed in her Chudidhar and collected my male clothes in her handbad
She handovered me to wear the bra first
Then blouse and skirt
The blouse was somewhat different with no books but only the ropes on backside
She said that she guessed that I will gain some fat in these days so she stitched the blouse like this
She only draped the Saree
I can only see that the Saree was transparent
I can’t guess the color of the Saree in the dark
She draped the Saree in a sexiest way and atlast kissed me on my lips which gave me her lipstik
We walked towards my room around 4 am
We entered the room without switching the lights as I was in Saree
We slowly entered into the room and locked the door
She switched on the lights
To my surprise I was in a heavy red traparent Saree with a backless blouse which she draped the Saree in such a way that I can see my cleavage without any breast forms
After that we had a girly night
As it was Saturday in the morning I woked up little bit late
She had seen all my collection and wanted me to ready in one of them as full girl
We both took headbath together washed the clothes
She selected me a Saree from my collection
It was blue clr Saree and a shoulder length wig
She wanted to go out but I refused saying that it’s not safe and convinced by promising that we can go riversidelike in the night and I will be coming like a girl
She atlast convinced
The full day we had the pleasure day
And in the night we went to river side
I was in the same Saree She brought for me the red transparent saree and she was wearing a skirt
There we had good talk and she was slept on my lap and I slept on her chest
Time passed it was 5:30 in the morning we got suddenly woked up and ran towards the room
My Saree was full of sand and her skirt too
We entered into the room safely
We had bath again and she had a call that at need to moveback to the city
So I had booked the bus in the evening
She was very upset leaving me
She want to do something for me
The whole day we both are nude and she was sucking my little dick
Yes my dick is very small of 2.5 inch which I can hide inside the panty
In the evening I droped her at busstand and safely boarded the bus and returned to room
On the next weekened I decided to go her place
I was ready and packed only female clothes only sarees and stuff no male clothes and visited her home
The only male dress is I’m wearing
Aa I went to her place she was very upset and cried in seeking me
I consoled her but she didn’t tell a word
She gave her skirt to wear and collected my clothes for washing
I don’t know what happened we both are dumbed calm on the whole day
The next day she asked me intrested in a movie or not I thanked god as she was back normal
I said ok
In the evening She took a auto to the theatre and got tikets for 2nd show
Later she came back and asked me to ready in a silk Saree I have
I said ok
I kept wig breast forms bra panty skirt blouse and blue silk Saree
She is also wearing a yellow Saree
We both went to theatre by walk this time I don’t use any scarf
The theatre was almost empty only few people can be counted easily
We had good movie this time
In return she hugged me tightly and said as I was moving tomorrow night She want the next day till I move would be remeberable
I said ok
I asked should I remove Saree for making this moment remeberable
She laughed and hugged me tightly
I removed my Saree and walked all the way in blouse and skirt
2 auto drivers saw me whistled at me can I host tonight for them
I angrily said no and moved from there
She gave me my Saree and I draped it like a half Saree there itself
To my surprise she removed her Saree and gave to me and said I will walk half nude
I said if u do I will also walk like that
We both walked all the way towards the room half nude reached home and slept
The next day we both had good sex till I left
Later I left after 2 days she call’d me and said her parents fixed her marraige and she left her room and said to me that don’t try to contact her from there onwards
From that says I was left alone without any friends
From that day onwards I always thinking of her but of no chance she got married and sent me those photos
I decided to get concentrated on the studies
Days passed my 1st year was completed and there I no subjects in 2nd year only to concentrate on project work and job searching
I still doing my crossdressing in my room
1 day I got an interview call from Chennai I have searched the journey from vijaywada to Chennai
So I kept leave to college and started to Chennai for a weak
Luckily I got reservation on both sides
I packed all my dresses
I even buyed a short skirt knee length and sandals in the day of journey
I boarded at Chennai in thr morning at 4am
I got fresh at the station dormitory and left towards the interview venue as Google advised me the route
By badluck I have not cleared the interview
I still have 6 days later I had my train
I decided to take a hotel room through goibibo luckily I got offer to cheap and best hotel
I checked in nearby egmore station as my train is from egmore
As I entered the room I bath myself and changed to Chudidhar I have
In the evening I was hungry so I want to get some food
I call’d room boy he came
As the door bell rang I immediately got to go opened the door forgetten that I’m in Chudidhar
He was shocked on seeing me like that
I immediately pulled him inside the room and requested him not to reveal this to anyone
He asked me some money
I said i do have only 1000 as I paid the hotel bill so he took 500 and said he will come at 8
I asked him to bring some food he noded his head
I changed my clothes to short and t-shirt
At 8 pm he came with parcel of parota
He came inside the room and said that I look good in that Chudidhar as a girl
I thanked him and requested him again
He said ok
He asked that I can come tonight to the room
I asked why
He said he want some sex
I said that I didn’t do sex just dressing
But he want atleast some fishy and went out
In the night 12pm door bell ranged I can see him through the peeping hole
I opened the door he entered in and asked why I was not wearing any female clothes
I said that I was feared
He said not to worry he just want fun with me
I requested that I’m of not that type
Atlast he compromised but he wanted to suck his cock
I said ok
Again he stopped me and said not like this
He wanted me in Saree and flowers like a girl
I said i don’t have flowers
He asked me to wait for him in the meanwhile get ready in Saree
I took out all my stuff wig breast forms bra skirt blouse and a blue Saree
I got ready in 30 min
15min later he came with string of Jasmine and kept in my wig
Later he kissed me on my lips and hugged me tightly
We both slept hugging each other till 3
He woked me up and asked me to suck his cock
He Is standing wearing a dhoti
He pulled his underwear down and made me to sit on my knees and he sat on the bed
I started sucking his cock
That was bigger than me
I sucked it for 10 min and he left at 5 am
In the morning he brought some milk and bread to me and kissed me
I changed to Chudidhar again and slept on my bed
In the night 8 he came to my room and asked me whether I can come out as dressed like a girl
He said i have a surprise
I said ok I said at 11 he will be ready and wanted me to get ready in a Saree
I had a net Saree with me
I got freshed and got ready in the Saree
It was the black net Saree
He took me a long drive almost 1 hr drive on his bike
We stopped at the area having 2 tents and he said me to wait at the bike
He went there and showed me to them and collected some money
When he returned I asked him what happening he said that they want a girl for some photoshoot tonight and I offered you for them
He took me there between them and said enjoy and call me in the morning as I had his number
As he left one of the person pulled me inside the tent
I begged them that I’m not a girl and I don’t do sex
They checked me and got confirmed that I was not a girl
They said that they don’t want any sex and just need some photos like enjoying with a girl
I said ok
They appreciated my dressing like a girl
We had some photos like they are drinking with a girl
Kissing a girl
They wanted me to half nude in the pics there I need to renove the Saree
They forcedly removed my Saree and had some pics in the tent
It was about to 4 in the morning all are sleepy and thanked me for the pics
I call’d the room boy and he came in 20 min
When he came I was sleeping in middle of them without any Saree and my skirt was pulled up and one person placed his hand on my boobs and another on my skirt
He silently call’d me I came into conscious and settled my skirt and had my Saree
While going everyone gave a kiss on my lips
I draped my Saree and went back to the hotel safely
The room boy also had a liplock after leaving me at my room
I still had 3 more days for my train
But i don’t want to be at that hotel
I got an idea last night I got some number of those guys as they are planning to goa for 2 days
I immediately call’d that number and asked if I can join them
They said ok but the whole trip I should be a girl
I said ok
I immidiatly left the hotel and collected the balance amount in request
I was waiting for their car
They came and beyond picking me inside they asked why I’m in boys cloths
I said i need to change
They pulled my bag into the car and I entered inside the car
They checked my bad what are the dresses u have
They asked me in half skirt and top I have In the bag
I’m condition that I should change inside the running car
As instructed I changed in the car
They started laughing at my tiny cock
I have enjoyed the journey like a girl
We reached goa in 6 hours that means I drove very fast
There we took a single cottage beside the beach attaching a balcony
I was the girl with 6 boys
It was evening we all set the lugguage in the cottage and went to the beach
I was asked to change to bikini but I don’t have
So they have an idea just remove the top and keep inside the cottage and remain in bra and skirt
I followed as they said
When I came out all the 6 guys pulled me into the beach
I was in fear of my breast forms
So I went back to cottage and removed the breast forms and wig and kept them to dry
Now I’m in bra and skirt in front of them
We enjoyed the beach and returned back to cottage
Everyone got bath I was in the last of the queue
I was given a diwan for in the cottage to sleep that night
In the morning
We got ready to go outside the beach and explore the tourist spots
I was asked to wear my best dress
I choose my Chudidhar in cream colour
We went out and had beer and snaks
Had some pictures at the tourist spots
We felt bored and returned back to cottahe
The group asked me to get ready in sexy dress
They searched my bag and didn’t found any accept sarees
In the evening they gifted me a single piece dress and asked me to get ready to the party tonight in the pub
In the pub I have seen so many crossdressers like me
But they were elegant than me in a fashionable way
We enjoyed the whole night and next morning we vacated the hotel
We started all over the way to Chennai
I was in my yellow Saree sitting in the back seat in the middle of 2 guys
As it was innova all the 7 people easily settled
We had music
This time they drove the car slowly as we have much time
That was a sunny afternoon
We all got relaxed inside the car
The guys around me started undressing me
I don’t know what’s happening
They slowly removed my Saree from my chest and shoulder
United my blouse knit from the back
I can feel the loosen knot at the back
My blouse fell down and I was in half opened blouse and showing the bra and Saree
I got conscious and settled the blouse
They didn’t allowed me to wear the Saree till we reached Chennai
They had dropped me near the egmore station
It was about to walk for 2 min towards the station as I can see the station
But I was in Saree
I slowly took my bag walked towards the station and noticed the scrolling of my train and platform no.
The train had come yet
I want to the respective platform and seen that the train has come but not switched on the lights
I immidiatly got into my coach and settled on my berth and waited till the power in
As soon as power on I left to the toilet and changed back to boy
When I returned back My back was stolen
I had made a complaint at station and luckily I have my confirmed tiket with me
I returned back to my room in the next morning at 10 and relaxed for a while
I was on tears loosing all my stuff
I got relaxed and in the afternoon I want to my professor and told about the interview
He was sorry for that and opted me go the internship program at Hyderabad
I was accepted
Soon I was about to move to Hyderabad completed my project and submitted to my professor in the time I have
The internship program for 6 months at Hyderabad
I reached Hyderabad and took a hostel at SR nagar
All was going good
I have gone through the internet and heard about the crossdressing groups in Facebook
I have opened an account in fb
I got many crossy friends
I’m doing my work good at the company
The only thing is I don’t have any computer or smart mobile with me
But at hostel I was using the roommates laptop
There was 6 members including me in the hostel room I was the 6th member in the room
3 months passed very quickly
One day I got an friend in fb who wants to share my pic I refused but he always posting a post that I was a fake person
To prove I’m not take I shared him one of my crossdressed pic
To my badluck I don’t know how it was happened the pic was saved in laptop’s documents and my room members have known that I’m a crossdresser on that evening
Towards the long discussion and argument between me and the roommates I had accepted that I was a crossdressee and likes to wear girls dress
They asked me if I have any girls dress with me I replied that I don’t have
That night on discussing I have told them all the things happened in vijayawada Chennai and goa
They got to asked me that if had any sex I said no
So they asked me that the next day onwards I will be staying as girl in the room in girls dress
I didn’t accepted
They blackmailed me saying that they will share my crossdressed pic
Atlast I accepted
I said that I don’t have any girls dress and stuff
They said that stuff is not required and the dress will be ready by tomorrow
Next day evening after I can from the company they took me to a tailor at ameerpet and asked him to stitch me a blouse and half Saree
I was shocked on hearing that
We on the way went to a shop and they buyed me a pink color silk Saree as they give the pink color blouse to stitch to the tailor
We next on the way towards the hostel saw a stall on the road selling bra and panties
They buyed me a polyester bra and panty set of two pairs
To my surprise when I opened the packet at the room I saw that there is a hole like a man’s jockey underwear to urinate
I asked them what tho type for
They replied for having sex
I refused it but I blackmailed again
After 3 days they brought me the stitched blouse and half saree
They asked me to wear the dress alternative days at night time
1 day the Saree and the other day the half Saree
And some conditions
1. I have to be in one of the dress in every night
2. I have to sleep beside one of the roommate that night
3. I have to suck his cock in the night sleeping beside him
4. In the morning I have to woke up all the roommates by giving a blowjob
5. All my lugguage will be locked and I will be given daily a pair do the company
I had accepted to all that conditions
They asked me to get ready in half saree
They had combined 4 beds and as i today all are sleeping together in this large bed keeping me in middle
First I was to sleep in the middle of the bed
They said to me that tomorrow I have woke them up by giving them blowjob
Next day morning
I was sleeping in the middle of the bed
To my surprise I saw all are sleeping around me only with underwear on their body and I’m having only blouse and skirt in my body
And my voni is with the last guy sleeping
The guy beside me woke up and started pressing my chest like pressing my boobs
He asked me to give him the blow job first
I slowly removed his underwear and started blowing with my hand sitting at the end of the bed on his legs
soon he was out his sperms
Slowly I woked all the guys in the room and I also got ready to the company
Following their instructions I even wearing the bra and panty even inside my male dress to the company
Many times I went to the toilet and had enjoyed my body in bra bad panty myself
After the office work in the company
I was late to the hostel it was 8:30 in the evening
When I got into the room all the guys sitting in the room playing with a lottery game
I just saw and went to the toilet and came back
They juat said that they had lottery towards the person I have to sleep tonight
I was shocked and gathered back again
I was made to renove my shirt and pant in between them in the room and got dressed in Saree that night
The door as locked and we had some roti as dinner
They braiughy some cosmetics like lipstick and kajal and some bangles for me
I have to wear that
After a little moment one of the roommate asked if there was flowers or will be nice
So they ordered me that from tomorrow onwards bring some flowers of my choice while coming from office
They also told that tomorrow onwards I should blow their cocks with my mouth and not with my hand in the morning
I said ok orelse they will again blackmail me
It was 10 in the night
We all got settled
We have a kitchen with door in our room with no use
So they put one bed in the kitchen and said that it was my bad room and daily the guy who wins lottery will be sleeping with me in the bedroom
I slept in that bedroom over 11pm one of the guy came into the bedroom and slept beside me
In the midnight around 1:30 he woke me up and asked me to suck his cock
I was doing as he said and slept like that in the bed
In the morning when I woke up I can see myself half nude with no Saree blouse was opened and I was sleeping with his cock in my mouth
I slowly gathered my self and went to the combined bedroom and started waking up all by sucking their cocks
That day was Sunday I stayed in the hostel only
I was asked by my roommates to stay in half saree on the whole day
I washed my clothes including the Saree and changed to half saree
In the afternoon they brought biryani and we had well took a nap in the afternoon
Our hostel was located opposite to the girls hostel to which we can see through our bedroom window from our bed
In the afternoon all the guys want out and only one guy with me sleeping on the bed
I was sleeping in half saree like a girl beside him
He opened the Windows and sunrays fell on my face and I woke up
He was seeing the girl’s from the window
I asked him what he was doing he said nothing
He saying that once he can fuck a girl
I said luckily I’m not a girl
He said you are not a girl but now you are in girls dress now
He slowly gatherd me my hand and got on me pressing my chest
I fighting with him to push him but won on me I somehow offered him myself
He removed my half saree and pressing my chest heavily
Slowly he pulled my skirt up and just then I said no sex please
Then he saw a hole in my panty
I inserts his penis in it and got into the action like fucking me
He was doing like that since 20 min
Lateron he pulled me on him now he is sleeping on bed and I was sitting on his penis
He his running his penis with my tiny cock holding my chest like a girl
Just then I saw 2 girls watching from the balcony through the window
He spultured all the sparks in my panty and immidiatly had my half saree and asked him to close the window
I immidiatly got dressed in half saree and went into the bed room that I have provided
He came along with me and said that was nice and I was exactly behaving like a girl at that time
After he want out I slept on my bed
In the evening
I thing I had told to the other roommates what had happened
All gathered on my bed around me when I woked up
It was 6 in the evening
They are all asking me for their chance I shouted at them
After dinner I was in the combined bedroom
One of the roommate came and opened the Windows for cool breeze I said to him that girls can see through that
He said no problem because they already saw me having sex
He opened the Windows fully opened
He gathered me very hardly
Removed half saree from my shoulder lifted my skirt up and enjoying me pressing my boobs
I became nude and inserted his cock into the hole of my panty
He rubbed his penis with my cock inside the penis And finally spultured his sperms inside the panty
When he left upon me
I can see all the roommate’s was watching us
Seeing us one after the other had spultured their sperms inside my panty
As it is a polyester panty it was not observed by the cloth
I can see all the sperms in my panty and my tiny cock was floating in that sperms
Atlast all are done and I came into conscious and got dressed in half saree
It was 9 in the night
We all got setteled in the bedroom
I was made to sleep in the middle of the bed
All got setteled around me
I was shamed on me all are sleeping on underwears only keeping me in middle
In the night many hands disturbed me I can feel my boobs are pressing very hard
Suddenly one of them removed my half saree and threw it away that I can see
They are pressing my boobs like anything
I don’t know when I got sleep having a massage like that
In the morning
I woked up as sunrays felt on my face and I was shocked
I was sleeping over one of the roommate
He was nude and my blouse was opened
Skirt knot was untied and lifted up
When I tried to got up it was not becoming possible as I can feel something inside my panty other than my penis
I can feel lot of liquid and his cock on my panty
I can see my red panty through skirt was untied and blouse was opened my bra visible
Again I tried to move he then woke up and gathered my hip and started moving me up and down
I was jumping in his cock and running with my penis
He spultured all his sperms in my panty
He slowly removed my blouse and pushed me towards that bed
I was in bra and skirt with panty inside
Soon he left one after the other inserted their penis in my panty and fillwd my panty with lot of cum
In the last my skirt as pulled and I was sleeping in bra and panty on the bed
All the roommates laughing at me
When I woke up from the bed I saw that some girls are watching this through the window from the opposite hostel
I felt shamed and got into the bathroom and cleaned myself
I shaved myself that wanted me to have full shave without anybtrace of moustache and heard
After that I got bath and get ready to the office
They asked me to bring some flowers for myself in the evening while coming to hostel and said that I will get a gift in the evening
I said ok and left to the company
In the evening while coming from the company I gathered to collect flowers from the market
I have buyed 20rs Jasmine band from the nearby market at ameerpet on 20th way to hostel
I don’t know how it happened but I was eager to dress as girl and thinking about the gift they said
It was almost 7 in the evening and I reached hostel by 7:15
They asked me why it was late I said them I want for buying the Jasmine band
my half saree was still wet as it was washed today
I got to wear the Saree tonight
We got ate the dinner by 8
I was in Saree going into the bedroom I was stopped and given me a box
Yes it was my gift they said about
When I opened it I saw a wig inside it
They asked me wear it and also keep the flowers I brought
The wig was too nice it was a free hair wig and also can be pleated
I kept the wig with the band and pins given with the wig and kept the flowers in it
I was looking like an aunty now
They all appreciated me for my look
I want into my bedroom and slept on the bed by th time 9
Some time around one of the roommate came into the room and locked the door and slept beside me
He slowly hugged me and slept like that
In the midnight we woked me up and asked me to suck his cock
When I woke I can see myself as my Saree is lifted upto my thighs that means he lifted the Saree up
I started sucking his cock and slept like that
In the morning my position is like a woman had her fist night
My Saree was disturbed and I was still had his cock in my mouth
I want into the bedroom and started waking up one by one by giving them blowjob with my mouth
All woke up when coming to the last person I gave him the blowjob and he pushed me towards the bed he lifted my Saree up and inserted his cock inside my panty and rubbed with my penis
Almost 20min he done as fucking me later he pulled me upon him and now I was jumping on his cock catching the panty with hand rubbing both the cocks his and mine
I spultured the sperms out and after 4 to 5 min he spultured a lot of cum inside the panty
After that I got up catching my Saree with both the hands and got down from the bed
It was still 7 in the morning
One of the guy pushed me towards the bed and pulled my saree and opened the Windows for sunlight
I was in blouse and sareeskirt
He untied the skirt and instead of pulled down he lifted the skirt up and started like fucking me in my panty
One after the other had me like that but the last person who slept with me last night pulled my skirt down and threw away
Removed his underwear and pulled me towards him
He made me to put his cock into the panty hole and sit like that on him
He gathered my hip and made me up and down like jumping in his cock
Slowly he gathered my boobs and started pressing them
I’m jumping over him my wig is dancing
I can see through the window that the girls from the opposite hostel watching us
He pressing my boobs opened my blouse now I’m in bra and panty with blouse opened
He slowly removed the blouse at the same time he spultured his sperms inside my panty
As soon as he was done he pushed me up and removed his cock from my panty
I can see that girls is laughing at me
I made to stay in bra and panty till all had got bathed
I was made to bath in the last and I want to the bathroom in bra and panty only
I had got bathed and washed the clothes
They asked to come out in bra and panty only
I came out like that and dried the clothes lol that and got dressed in short and trouser over bra and panty
I got ready to the office and while going that said that I should look girly always
So they combed my hair in a girly style
I was to company like that from that day onwards
I want to the company with girly hair style combat only one side and with a neat clean shave with no hair on face
Every one had a dumb look at me in the company
I had my work at the company and while returning I got a red flower string of 20rs from the market and returned to hostel by 7pm in the evening
I was asked why was late I said that I had some work at the company as my internship will be completing that month
I was asked to change my dress
As my half saree was ready I changed to half saree wig and waiting to the dinner
We ate roti and got settled by 8:30
They asked if I can come outside
I said no but they insisted me to come to the movie that night
To my surprise they brought tickets for the second show
I asked how can I come like this in this half saree
They said that they will take care
We waited untill all the doors are closed in the hostel and silently got down and walked towards the theatre
We can see some guys are still roaming in the streets
We reached the theatre but we are late by 30 min to the movie
We got the corner 6 seats in the theatre
It was nagarjuna’s movie Soggade Chinnayana
I was made to sit in 3rd seat and later changed to the corner wall seat
We enjoyed the movie and in the interval I want to go to toilet
I directly want into the gents toilet forgetting that I’m in girls dress
There all the persons seeing me in a diffrent way and I immidiatly came outside and want to the ladies toilet from the other door of the theatre
After that I want back to my seat
After getting settled in my seat they got me cool dring and a puff to eat
In the second half I was again sit in the middle of the gang
They started annoying me pressing my chest from both sides
They untied my skirt and started undressing me
I got gathering them not to open my dress but they succeeded in undressing me
Later I got dressed there itself
after the movie We waited till all the people left the hall
We 6 are the last to move from the theatre
After that we started walking towards the hostel
on the way to hostel we got into another route taking a long route
We got into one of the park and sat there at a bench under a tree
Almost we say till 1:30
We are ready to move before moving they thought of having some fun with me
I said no but they succeeded me
One of them removed my half saree and tied to his hip
All guys stated pressing my boobs
I made to sleep on the bench
There I had almost like a gang sex
One inserted his cock in my panty One in directly in my mouth
And I was giving blowjob with my hands to 2 guys
And the 5th guy pressing my boobs
Almost all the guys had cummed in my panty
I got setteled and dressed but I have to walk without any half saree on me only with blouse and skirt
We reached the hostel and all asked me to have fun again but in another way
I have to make them nude and put their cock in my panty and have sex with all the members till they cum
I have done like that with all the members
It was 4:30 in the morning we are all slept in the combined bed room
In the morning it was very late 9 in the morning
I was in my bra and skirt sleeping on one of the roommate with his cock inside my panty
I can feel a lot of cum In my panty
That day I kept leave for the company aand stayed at room
They asked me to give sendoff to all the roommate’s in the half saree
The last guy before going had a session with me and cummed in my panty
They locked the room from outside and went out
After that left I want to sleep
After when they come I was sleeping in half saree on the bed
They woke me and had their session one after the other
After that when I was going for bath they stopped me and said that they will have shower together
I was in bra and panty in the bathroom
I have to take bath with all the guys
They put two soaps in my bra and In the shower that had like sex with me
They kept their dick in my panty and done like fucking me
And they pressing and rubbing the soaps in the bra
The bra was full of foam and the panty was full of cumm
After that I washed the clothes and and dried them
I changed to Saree that night
Thinking of the things happened I want into sleep and woke in the morning
In the morning
I was alone on the bed
When I woked up I was sleeping in just bra and Saree
My blouse was opened and the Saree was lifted up
I can feel lot of cumm in my panty
As there is no one beside me I don’t know who had done and slept with me last night
I woked up all by giving them blowjob and I also got ready to the office after they had their session with me
This is my daily schedule happening in the hostel
I have to bring flowers in the evening for myself and should get ready in Saree or half saree which ever is avilavle ready
Sleeping in the bedroom with one of them
And in weekends all will be sharing me that night
And every morning after waking up and in evening before going to bed All will have their session of cumming inside my panty
One day it was one of the roommates birthday and I was gifted him by other roommates for that day
I should get ready like a housewife and should go into the bedroom with milk glass for him like a girl in her first night
I was sent to the girls hostel to the first time as some girls watching me like a girl every time
Our roommates told every thing about me
They got me ready like a housewife with all makeup and flowers in the Saree
As there I only a small wall can jump through in the oppsite hostel
I was for ready in the Saree and that night had like a firstnight
In the morning I was complete nude only I do have bra and panty on me
I can feel the cum in the panty
In the morning he said thanks for that night
I again got ready like normal to the company
I want to the company that was the last day of the internship
I gathered all my work and submitted my papers by the evening in the end of the day
I got signed in my internship letter and saved all my documents and mailed to my professor and to the project guide
I was late in the evening
I want to the room directly it was 7:30
I soon changed myself into Half Saree
After I changed the dress immediately I was pushed into the bedroom by one of the roommate and pushed me on the bed
I was just like a girl raped in the movie I sputtered all his cum in my panty
As soon he left the room
One after the other had done the same thing
After all that session over I want into the bed room and said them that my internship I completed and also I have submitted my project
Soon I will be moving to home
After that they all discussed and said to me that I will be staying in the hostel for one more month and also said that after the month that will book me the train tiket to my home town
I said u don’t enough money for the hostel so they areed that they will pay for hostel that month on one condition
The condition is that for the month I should be their wife
I took time Time for thinking and said ok thinking that they wouldn’t blackmail me again
They agreed for all that
From that day onwards I was call’d as Panchali the jam they given for me
The wife of 5 husbands
For the month schedule was with 10 conditions as
1. Every day I have to be wife of one the roommate for 5 days
2. 2 days weekends I will be the mutual wife for all the 5 members
3. I have to give send off as girl only till the door
4. For every husband I will be provided a dress and I should wear that
5. This time they will use oranges inside my bra and I should not remove till the month and
6. Every Sunday I should come out in girls dress only with them for outing
7. In the 2 days every one will share me on hourly basis
8. I should take bath along with them
9. The whole month I would be wearing the same bra and panty with the oranges in them.They will squeeze the oranges in my bra every time like pressing boobs and I have to remove them in the last day
10. I should board the train girls attire only and I should remove the oranges after boarding the train

So I agreed to all the conditions and accepted to dare
The remaining will be same I should wake them up as usual and go to bed as usual
The 5 dresses that brought for me are along with Saree and half Saree as usual they gave me
1. Saree
2. Half saree
3. Frock
4. Salwar
5. Skirt and top
The skirt was the combination of 3 skirts
Long skirt on the upper part which can be removed to have a knee length skirt and also a mini skirt upto thighs only
As they planned the month staring with the 1st came on Saturday
Aa per schedule I had to be wife of all the 5 members
That day morning I woked up all the guys by giving them a blow job and all the boys had their session with me
This time they cummed heavier than before
Soon I was ready for bath I was made to wait inside the bathroom in bra had panty only with two soaps in the bra cups
One after the other had bath with me rubbing the soam to foam and cumming inside the panty
After all had me I took a clean bath and came outside in bra and panty
They asked me to stay in bra and panty for the whole day till they come back to the room
They locked me inside the room and I was staying in the room only in bra and panty
As I was alone in the room I slowly want into the sleep
In the afternoon it was somewhat uneasy to me and when I opened my eyes it was ridiculous
One of the roommate like fucking me in my panty hole
As I woke up u gathered me on his top and started me to jump on his cock
He was done in my panty after 30 min of my jumping
After that I left and I web to sleep again
In the evening I woke up and had bath again and relaxed on the bed
All the roommates came at 6 in the eveing with a case full of oranges and flowers in their bag
Soon they came they saw me freshly bathed and had me one after the other till 8pm
After that they showed me how they will squeeze the oranges in my bra
I have to sleep like that in bra and panty only with all 5 members in the middle of the bed
Before sleeping that kept 2 oranges in my bra

That night I was made to sleep in middle of the bed on bra and panty only with 2 oranges and Orange pulp squeezed in my bra
I was made to ride on all the docks that night and at last I made to sleep at wall
Even after that they made to fuck and cum in my panty
They squeezed the oranges and there was the strains of the Orange juice on the bed
In the morning when I woke up I was on the top of a guy with his cock in my panty and filled with cum
After that one after the other had their session and cummed in the panty
After that we had got bath together
After bath I’m still in be and panty in the room asked them what to wear now
They asked me to stay in bra and panty only till the night
They said in the night we will be going to 2nd show movie and they planned to for Prasad’s Drive in and brought a car
That full day if anytime comes anyone of the roommate comes to me had like sex with me
I also don’t how many times that come and had with me till 7 in the evening
At 7 that wanted me to get ready in Half saree and will be moving at 9
We silently moved to the car safely and started to the NTR gardens and reached the theatre by 10 at the Showtime
We settled in the car with the stereo input and got into the layout we have provided
In the car I was half nude only in blouse and skirt because they removed my half saree
All the guys had cummed in my panty in the car
They slowly removed my blouse the only clothes I had on my body are bra and skirt only till the end of the film
After the movie I got dressed back with half saree and rided out in the car
They wanted to walk all along the neclace road in half saree
I walked all along the neclace road in the half saree with them
We had a good walk all over the night and in the morning 4 we went to the hostel
After getting into the hostel I was again got into sex and cummed in my panty and went into the sleep
It was 8 in the morning I woke up first and gave blowjob to all the guys and went into the bathroom and washing my clothes
One of the roommate in his sleepy eyes directly came into the bathroom and urinated on me
I scolded him and we even quarrelled for that thing
The other roommates somehow consoled me and asked me to dry myself under the sun behind the kitchen
I was drying the Saree with both the hands and in blouse and skirt under the sun
It took around 1 hour to dry myself
By the time I dried I was locked inside the room and they left to their work
I slept in the room after having my breakfast
In the afternoon one of the roommate came to the room with parcel for me
He was sorry for not supporting me in the morning
He got me a biryani and I ate that
after that he had like sex with me and cummed inside the panty
After that he left saying that today he will be my husband for tonight that’s why he brought me food
Soon after he left i got into sleep
On that evening before they come I got ready in Half saree
After that come one after the one came to me and had like sex and cummed in my panty and squeezed the oranges after that I was asked my day husband to get ready in Saree like a first night girl and gave l some flowers to keep in my hair
I got ready in Saree that asked me to keep the oranges in my bra after getting dressed
I kept the oranges and I think I have large boobs
I was given a milk glass and they pushed me into the bedroom
My husband waiting in the bedroom he locked the bedroom from inside and gathered me
Slowly he removed my Saree and asked me to sleep with him hugging like that in blouse and skirt only
While talking only he squeezed the oranges inside the blouse
He poured the milk into my blouse and drank the juice and milk mixture from my blouse like a child drinks milk from moms breast
Next he wanted me to suck his cock
He slowly removed his clothes and put his cock in my mouth
We slept like that till morning
In the morning He pulled me towards him and almost removed all my clothes till bra and panty and put his penis in my panty hole and made me to sit on his cock
He made me to jump on his penis it was a lot of cum spultured in my panty
My tiny penis was floating in that cum
I had forgotten that I was a boy till I see my penis
I was very much habituated in that room as I was went out from my bedroom to combined bedroom in bra and panty only
I woked up all by giving them blowjob
Again I had a full session with all the roommates
This time I cannot see my penis in my panty as it was filled with cum
When I had the last session the cum inside the panty is flowing out from my hip
That was the time time for my another husband
He asked me to get ready in Chudidhar by afternoon
He wanted to have a great fun with me from afternoon onwards
I was made to bath with all the roommates
I gave sendoff to all the roommates and got ready in the Chudidhar I have given
In the afternoon he came with food parcel and we both ate the lunch
After that we had a good talk
As he wanted I gave myself to him he cummed inside my panty almost 3 times in the afternoon
After that I got dressed in Chudidhar and he left
As I was locked inside the room what I can do
I went to sleep and woke up in the evening after that have come
In the evening they come with drinks and even I was also have joined to drink
And after 9 I went to bedroom in ChUdidhar and we has great session for 3 hours
At 1 we went out on his bike in the city outskirts
We drove all over the outskirts and walked for sometime
He enjoyed me eveytime like a girl
We reached hostel by 4:30
After that he had like sex with me and cummed inside my panty and slept on the bed
And in the morning at 7 I have woked up all the guys by blowjob and bathed along with them
I had given send off to all
3rd husband came to me and asked me to wait for him till afternoon in bra and panty only
I was waiting for him like that only till the afternoon
I was waiting for him in bra and panty only
In the afternoon at 2 he came and we had a good session till 4
He wanted me to get ready in frock in the evening
In the evening by 7 when all the roommates came I was still in bra and panty only
All had cummed in my panty and after that I got freshen up and got ready in frock by 9
At 10 he took me to pub to a ladies night
We had a good party in the pub and had drinks
We went there by car
After the party we had a good session in the car
All night we had roamed all over the city and got to hostel by 4
He had told all things to the roommates
The roommates was shocked
After that my husband and me had a good session in the bedroom
In the early morning I have to wakeup all the guys
I started to give blowjob I was in bra and panty only at that time
Instead of giving blowjob that pulled me towards them and made me sit on their cocks and ride them by putting thier cocks inside my panty
The girls from the window laughing on sight of me
After that one of the girl call’d my roommate and asked him to send me to girl’s hostel for a day
The boys asked me to got ready in half saree and sent me to girls hostel by jumping over the wall
The girls asked me several questions
I have answered them one After The other
I even showed my penis to the girls
They was shocked on seeing my small penis
I also said them that I had forgetten that I’m a boy
That afternoon I slept with girls in the girls hostel
I came back to the hostel room in the evening At 8
My husband wants me get ready in the skirt
I was got ready in long skirt
They made me to wear half skirt knee length skirt and all had their session
I was made to jump and dance on their cocks with penis in my panty without removing the skirt
It was completed at 10
He took me out in the half skirt on his Enfield
We went all along the outskirts there we walked for a mile
We kissed each other and he made me to suck his cock in between the road
He pulled my half skirt to mini skirt It was upto my thighs
While kissing he removed my top
I was in red bra with orange pulp and 2 oranges in the bra and he squeezing the oranges slowly
On his bike I sat on his penis in bra and miniskirt
He made like having a sex with me
After that we drove all along the outskirts and I was made to sit on the bike like normal by keeping my both the legs Wide on each side
While riding on the bike my skirt was flowing through the air
After some time he made to drive his bike
This time when I was driving the skirt was flowing full up through with the air
He started to squeeze the oranges slowly
The juice was flowing below my bra towards the skirt
We stopped at the begumpet plyover and he gathered me and made me to sleep on the bike and made like having sex with me
After that we reached the hostel by 4
I was made to go to room in bra and skirt only
When I entered the room and switch on lights all got shocked on seeing me
My husband came and pulled me towards the bedroom and till 5 we got time to each other
Almost he cummed 4 times in that hour
I was made to ride on his cock in mini skirt and bra
At 6 I started to wake up all the roommates by giving them blowjob
Again that made to ride on the each of the cocks in that dress
As I was tired I slept on the last person like that only
After that I don’t know what happened when I woke up it was 1 in the afternoon
I was lying in the bed in bra and mini skirt only
My panty was filled with cum and bra was filled with orange pulp and juice
All my body was full of cum on my belly third and even on my face
Yes they even cummed on my face also
I got cleaned myself it was 3 in the evening
I washed all my clothes and remains in bra and panty only
At 4 all the roommates came to me I asked what they had done in the morning
I even quarrelled with them
They showed me what they had done in the morning
This time I was awake
They cummed all sides of me bykeeping me in middle
They even cummed in my mouth this time
As it was Saturday they made a funn with me
They said to me for ready in the skirt We will be going to 2nd show movie in the night
I was asked to wear mini skirt under a long skirt and ready for the movie
I got ready in top and long skirt with mini skirt inside
It was 9 in the night
The car was ready outside but the roommates was not ready
Before going to ready they had like sex with me and all the 5 had cummed in my panty
Again I have to got ready
We are all got ready to the movie
Instead of going in car we went to the nearest theatre by walk
They got the tickets
It was an English movie the theatre was almost empty and this time we got the centre seats
They had brought some oranges with them in their bag and kept 2 oranges in my bra
They forced me to remove my long skirt and stay in mini skirt
They took my long skirt and kept in the bag
One after the other squeezed the oranges and I was made to sit in middle of them
In the interval I want to go to toilet i asked them my long skirt but they insisted me to go to toilet in that mini skirt only
As the theatre as with less people and no girls I dare to go in skirt
I was in top mini skirt and heels
When I returned back the movie was started
It was dark
When I was passing towards my seat
I sat on one of my roommate
He slowly kept his cock in my panty and cummed inside my panty
Soon I setteled in my seat
Once again They started squeezing the oranges
After the movie is over
We all left towards the park
I was made to walk in top and mini skirt in heels
In the park all had me in the skirt on the bench
I was made to sit on them by putting their cock in my panties and they made me to jump on their cocks
Slowly they removed my top I was in bra and skirt with oranges in my bra
They are squeezing the oranges slowly from my bra
I was made to walk like that only towards the hostel
After reaching hostel in the room we had another session upto 4 in the morning
I was slept like that in the morning almost at 5
As It was Sunday we all slept like that
All are sleeping nude around me and when I woke up they pulled me towards them and made me to ride on their cock
I can see the girls watching through the window
They are watching me having sex like a girl in their top
I was in bra and skirt
As they are cumming in my panty the cum is coming out from my hip as it is filled with cum
After that I had bath with all the guys that again cummed in my panty
After bathing I remained in bra and panty only with oranges in my bra
As it was restless night I slept on the bed like that in bra and panty only
I don’t know how many times they had me like a girl in every leisure time they got
The same was continued till the evening
They just call me panchali and I have to respond them
In the night we had our dinner and got into the talk I had collected the dresses from the balcony which I had washed in the morning
I asked them what to wear now before going to sleep
They asked to stay in bra and panty
I have to sleep like that in the niddle of the bed
Before going to sleep I have rided on all the cocks and all had cummed in my panty and we all slept
In the night I can feel many hands pressng my boobs
In the morning as usual I woke up sleeping on a cock
The girls watching from the window I was ashamed infront of them
As I was in bra and panty riding a cock like a girl
That was the last week I’m staying in Hyderabad
From that minute every leisure time that have they had like sex with me
They had taken me out in the night’s every night
One night They took me out in Saree and took out in night all along way to neclace road
That night we say a foreigners troop they made me to suck their cock in the public in a boat on husain sagar
And another night They took me to outskirts in mini skirt
They made me walk on mini skirt and top on the highway
All the 5 roommates had like sex with me on the outskirts on the road
Another day we went to pub
They made me to dance in half skirt with them
I made to go to gents toilet in the skirt with each of them 5 times
I sucked and had like sex with them in the gents toilet
They made to drink in the pub and dance along with them
We had roamed all over the city like that
In the last 3 days I was shared in hourly basis with the roommates
Each of them shared me for 6 hours each
In every 3 hours interval I have to get ready in their favorite dress that want
Every one comes with two oranges and keep in my bra and squeeze them
They filled my panty with lot of cum and bra with orange pulp
It was the last day in the hostel
The next day at 10:30pm I had the train they booked
They booked a 1st class ad ticket for me
The full day I was in bra and panty only till the evening I levae
There is no count that how many times they had like sex with me
The panty is filled with cum
The blouse was not fitting me as the orange pulp is much in the bra so they removed some orange pulp
On the day of journey I had packed all the clothes that asked me get ready in skirt
They took me outskirts at 9 p.m. in the car
They all enjoyed me like a white and by the train time we reached the station
I boarded into the train in half skirt
They setteled my lugguage on the compartment berth and asked me to stay in train bathroom
One after one came into the bathroom and I have to stay in bathroom in bra and mini skirt
To everyone I have to suck their cock and every one had ki k sex with me in the toilet
In the last they given me a cover in which a t-shirt and a short was there that too girly
Anyway I wore them and got into my compartment and settled on my berth
As train moved they all left me by giving a kiss
As they left I cleaned myself and got into my berth and had a nice sleep
I had woked upnin the morning at my hometown station and went home
After coming to home I was missing the days in Hyderabad
I was unable to wear my male clothes at home
Every day my pleasure was asking me to dress but there Is no dress with me
one day I got a call from my roommates that said that they have taken room in Hyderabad and some party and I need to come
They had booked me a tiket and I went to Hyderabad
Soon I reached Hyderabad they took me to barber shop and had a neat shave
They took me to the room
They gave me bra panty skirt and and blouse and a elegant Saree
I have been there for 3 days
We had a good party and had good time
I had asked the reason do the party
They said that they got job in foreign countries
I asked can they help me in getting job
They said ok but till now They didn’t tried for me
One day they got me to Dubai as ibhad passport
They had got visa to me
In Dubai we had been there for 10 days
We all 5 have got a family room
There we enjoyed like a whore
We went to beach
All the 10 days they enjoyed me
After that we returned back to India and after that we never met again
Now I’m looking for a job
I want to settle down

This makes the end of my crossdressing life
I want to get into this once again
If u want to contact me you can email me [email protected]
if u want to relationship with me contact me at [email protected]
Only Hangouts Available for me my facebook account was blocked I don’t use mobile

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