My First Love

This story is based on my personal experience. I am 22-Year-old, Tall, Good looking guy from Faridabad, Haryana, India. I belong to a business family and is the youngest kid of my family. I was being sent to boarding school in Nainital when I was in 7 standard. I use to be a very pampered and intelligent kid in school. I was plump and good looking so everyone use to like me and like a small kid I was very innocent.

Every month my parents use to come to meet me and take me out on weekends. I had a very good friend Dhruv, he was also from my native place and his parents were in UAE. As a guardian his Mama (Maternal) uncle use to come to hostel to meet Dhruv. My parents happen to meet my friend’s uncle in school and later made an arrangement that my parents and his mama will come to see us alternatively. So, it was our new session of 9 standard. His mama whom I also use to call bhaiya came to meet us, his name was Raghav. Raghav was a young guy in his 20’s, well-built software engineer working in some tech company in Noida. He took us on a camping trip near Nainital. We were there for 2 nights. The day was fun we had a lot of activities to do. We had a lot of fun but in the night, we had to stay in the Camp as we were in a forest area. There were other camps also, but they were not very nearby. We all cooked out meal and started bonfire and started chit chatting. Dhruv got up and said that he is going to sleep as he had this weird habit of sleeping early.

Also, I would like to confess here that I was low-key attracted to Raghav Bhaiya. He was good looking, well built, well-spoken and use to take very good care of us. We were talking and after a while Raghav bhaiya said that there is a fresh water source where he is going to take a bath as he always baths before sleep. I saw him going towards water source and keep sitting outside our camp. Out of curiosity I started following him though I was scared of him finding out and it was dark forest, but I somehow followed him without him noticing it. He had earphones in his ear, so he was not able to listen anything. Soon he reached a small water source where fresh stream of water was constantly flowing. As he started undressing a strange current passed through me looking at his bare chest. It seemed as if he was regular with his gym sessions. Now he started unbuttoning his jeans and I felt a warm rush in my body. He was now just standing there in his jockey briefs. He started taking bath and I was breathing heavily; I was too innocent to identify this feeling but yes I was kind of scared yet enjoying it.

As I was standing there like an idol, but I moved my feet a little and in the silence of darkness Raghav sensed that someone is there. He suspected a wild animal and threw a stone and splashed some water. I got scared and rushed back but my t shirt got wet with the splash of water. Soon Raghav got back and told me that there was some wild animal, so we have to be careful. I got relived that he did not find out anything about me. Now he asked me why I have not slept and asked me to come in camp to sleep. Dhruv was already fast asleep as we went inside the camp. Raghav came to give me blanket and noticed that my t-shirt is wet. He asked why you are wearing wet t shirt and how I got it wet. I instantly got conscious and started giving some lame reasons. Raghav told me to change the t shirt, but I resisted as I was too lazy to got up from bed. He got t shirt out of my bag and threw at me to change. But as I was slipping in sleep, I dint change. Then Raghav came and made me change my wet t shirt, as he touched my body, I got instant current and I was wide awake. Now, it was late, and we were in camp, Dhruv was almost in sleep coma and I was intentionally talking to Raghav to keep him awake.

If you ask me why I am doing this or what am I expecting I had no clue but yes, I wanted to keep talking to him. He was asking about studies, school, teachers, students, and every possible lame thing. Then he asked me that do I miss my parents as they were not able to come to meet me this time and suddenly the picture of my mom flashed in front of my eyes, and I got emotional. Dhruv sensed it and came to my bed to console me. I was sobbing hugging him with my cute face. He patted my back and try cheering me up and then realised that it is 1 AM and we must take rest to enjoy our next day at camp. As Dhruv was going back to his bed, I asked him bhaiya can I ask you something. He said what is it and I said I am scared to sleep alone in bed, can I sleep with you. Now I must admit that did that quite intentionally. But as he was mature, he laughed and said that we can join our beds and sleep near to each other. But that was not something I wanted. Soon he became fast asleep, but my euphoria did not let me sleep beside me being dead tired.

In about next two hours I landed myself with him in his bed. Initially I kind of laid there like a dead body but then I hugged him, and I don’t know when I slept. In the morning when I woke up Dhruv and Raghav were already up and was laughing on me getting scared. The next whole day I kept on thinking about the glimpses of his bare body I saw while bathing. I also was feeling low for not able to understand and express this weird feeling. Raghav sensed this and asked me several times what is up with me but I had no reply, he also asked Dhruv to ask me but I had nothing to tell. He thought that I am missing my home and keep cracking jokes and asking me what I want next. The two-day camping ended and we went back to hostel.

After coming back to hostel I was not able to focus on studies and often use to recapitulate about the whole trip in my mind. With every passing day I was becoming crankier and more eager to meet Raghav again. It is during the same time I discovered about shagging and use to shag myself to sleep thinking about Raghav bare body. After almost a month my parents came to visit us and this was the first time that I am not happy seeing them because I wanted Raghav to come instead. My parents took me, and Dhruv home and we enjoyed a lot at home. After a day Raghav came to meet Dhruv at my place in Faridabad as he had an off from office. I was so happy to see him, he took us out to eat and enjoy in amusement park. While returning I asked Raghav about his girlfriend and he said that he is single. I was so happy to hear that and asked for his number, to contact him in case of contingency. My affection for Raghav was constantly rising and I decided to call him, but things were not easy as no mobile phones were allowed in school and a student can only make call from principal office or asking warden but there were some students in senior wing who use to carry phones with them without getting noticed. I requested a senior for a call and barter my goodies in exchange. I called Raghav and this is the first time I was talking to him on phone. My heart was racing as his phone rang and he picked, I was so happy listening his voice but had no solid reason to call. He asked if everything okay with me and Dhruv and I said yes and could not hold the conversation much. The next weekend Raghav came to see us, sensing that something is wrong. We met but Dhruv had a Football team selection, so he had to leave early. Now it was just me and Raghav sitting in canteen, and I was just sipping my milkshake not able to talk anything. But Raghav kept on insisting on me to talk my heart out to him. Then he took me for a walk and kept asking me every now and then about my health mood and random things. By this time, I could not hold my emotions and tears started rolling down my cheeks. Raghav made me sit on a bench and sat beside me asking what is wrong and I busted in tears hugging him. I was sobbing but not able to say anything, he hugged me back and asked me to calm down.

After consoling me enough he went back and told my parents about the same but what possible justification I can give to my parents. After 2 weeks I gathered the courage to call him again and asked him that I want to talk to him. He said that he is very occupied in some office work and can only be available on phone, but I insisted that I will wait but talk to him in person. After almost 4 weeks he came to meet us and asked me the issue but since Dhruv was also along, I dint say anything. After a while it was his time to leave so we bid him adieu but to my surprise he was waiting for Dhruv to go and asked me to tell him what I want to talk about. I was so touched to know that he was thinking so much about me and my feelings. But I was also scared that if I confess my feelings to him, I might lose him as a friend also, so I was hesitant to say anything. He asked me to tell him as he must go back as well. I sheepishly said that I like spending time with you, he laughed and said that we are already spending time together what is the reason to cry in this. He suspected that I have some other issue, so he asked again I said I want to spend more time with him. He said he will try to spend more time with me and Dhruv. I said I feel lonely and want to spend some time with him. He started getting hint but dealt it with so much maturity and took it on a lighter note. Then, he asked me to have ice cream and while having ice cream he said that I am young and I am in growing age and I must not distract from my studies, he further said he understand that at this age you might be feeling weird feelings, but I must not pay attention to this. I wanted to tell him that I like him so much that I want to be with him always but could not had courage.

He dropped me back to the hostel and it was his time to go, I was feeling sad and did not want him to go, he sensed it and said he will try and take me and Dhruv out after 2 weeks. Now I was counting days for two weeks to get over.

After two weeks Dhruv took us to a luxury resort in Jim Corbett. His company had a tie up with this luxury resort and Raghav was there to check their facilities so that company can plan its AGM there. So, Raghav told us that we must enjoy all services of the resort and give our honest opinion as he needs to submit report. We had a lot of fun whole day did horse riding, swimming, had all sorts of food etc. It was evening and Dhruv said that he wants to sleep and do not want to take dinner also, Raghav told him to wait but he said he is very tired. I told Raghav that I am also tired and do not want to take dinner and Raghav also told the resort manager that he will also not take dinner. The resort manager then said that we have yet not reviewed their Sauna bath, Jacuzzi and massages. Me and Raghav decided to take body massage followed by a Jacuzzi Session. It was such a luxury feeling getting massage but someone, it was much needed. After the massage session we were being told to sit in a Jacuzzi to relax, we were just sitting in our undies opposite to each other in the Jacuzzi with wonderful forest view. We were talking but sitting in cold Jacuzzi I could not hold my inner fire. I was occasionally checking out Raghav bare chest which was visible to me. He was asking me why I get sad and while talking I came near him, we chatted for some more time, and I try and hug Raghav. He did not object and was talking this while. I could not hold myself and kissed him on his cheek. He looked at me and said what are you doing. I got scared and he said to let’s sleep now. I was feeling so bad that I made him upset but did not say anything. We headed towards our room when Raghav reminded me while walking the isle that I have useless things going in my mind and I must stop this if I want to hangout with him. It was so sad, but I was trying to hold my emotions. We went to our room which was triple occupancy where Mr. Dhruv was already fast asleep, I went to bed but could not stop my mind from thinking what I just did. My mind was constantly replaying the whole scenario and I had moist eyes. Raghav was asleep as well and I was sobbing in bed. I suddenly started feeling very thirsty and got up to drink some water. Raghav was changing side and he asked me why I am still up, I stood still he asked me to come to him. I went to him he holds my hand and asked again why I am still awake. He asked me to sleep with him and made some space in bed but I knew I will not be able to control my emotions, so I was standing like a statue. He pulled me down and asked to sleep as it was past midnight. I laid down but after a while I had no control over my emotions, I could not bear the pain of not expressing my feelings to him. I placed my back towards the side of Raghav and started moving towards him. Now my back was touching his chest, I laid like that for a while, but he was fast asleep, I decided to make a move turned towards him and placed my lips on his lips pretending I am sleeping. He moved to other side that broke my heart and tears rolled down my cheeks. I promised in mind that I will not meet Raghav anymore. Just after a while Raghav turned towards me and hugged me from behind. It was as if he was able to read my mind in sleep, I decided to give him a French kiss (smooch). I turned towards him and started giving him smooch and he partially got up and just in heat of the moment smooched me back. I felt as if I had an electric current running in my blood. I kissed his neck and chest, and he was moaning lightly. Then I moved towards his south and his hand pushed me towards his crotch and could smell his manhood from his lower belly. I tried and put his manhood in my mouth with undies, I was too naïve. His undies were having a strange aroma that was putting me to another edge, as if I am sniffing some drug. Then I lowered his undie and saw a red mushroom head getting wet and without thinking a second, I had it in my mouth and started sucking like a small kid suck his mother. Since I was naïve I was hurting him with my teeth he pulled me back and started to kiss my lips but I was hungry to have his manhood. I started going down and this time had his cock stuffed in my mouth. He started to thrust and I gagged but I guess he already made a motion. He kept thrusting my mouth for some time and then suddenly I felt his thick spurt of cum in my throat and he lightly moaned. I swallowed all his cum like an obedient kid and slept instantly with gratification. I was thanking god and at the same time pinched myself if that actually happened with me. Morning when I got up everything was usual and normal until Dhruv went to take a bath. Raghav came to me and asked me to forget what happened in night as that is not how we are supposed to be. I was sad and told him that I will not repeat that but Raghav was holding a very serious expression, I guess he was feeling guilty.

After coming back from resort my mind was glued to Raghav, I started to skip classes in school, sit idle and daydream about being with him which badly affected my grades in school I was now in 10 standard, and use to be the class topper. The class teachers told my parents that I am skipping classes regularly and my performance is constantly falling. My parents got worried and took me home but only I knew the reason. After we came back from resort Raghav did not came to meet us for approximately 2 months, he did not attended any calls as well. I started slipping in low-key depression. All this also started affecting my health as well. It was Diwali Holiday and everyone from hostel was going home but Raghav did not come to take Dhruv, he requested my parents to take him to our house, I thought this way I can atleast meet him, but all my hopes shattered when he asked Dhruv to come by Ola Taxi, he booked for him.

Diwali use to be my favourite festival but I could hardly feel anything, I felt as if I am dead from inside. I received a call from Dhruv for Diwali wishes and before I hang up Dhruv said Mama (Raghav) wants to talk. There was an awkward silence and then he conveyed his wishes and I responded formally. Honestly, after hanging up the call I went to washroom as my throat was choked with emotions. Two days before Diwali Raghav called my parents and asked for their permission to take me out for a day with Dhruv, my parents agreed. My mother told me about the same so that I can get ready, but I had an argument with my mother that why she agreed without asking me. The next morning Raghav came to pick up and to my surprise Dhruv was not with him. The moment I sat in car Raghav asked me why I am doing this to myself. He kept saying things but now I can hardly say anything and started crying in pain. There was no wound, but the pain was uncontrollable, I was howling in my pain. Raghav got disturbed and kept driving and we did not talk, it was as if we were talking without words. He kept looking at me in between but did not say a word. He took me to Roseate House Delhi because when we were in resort, I asked him if his office has any tie-up at roseate house Delhi as I really want to visit it. He asked me if I want to eat anything which I denied, we checked-in at hotel. It was genuinely a nice property, and he booked a suite for us. I asked him why we are here, he made me sit in front of him and said why are you harming yourself. He said he asked Dhruv about me and got to know about my performance at school is also affected. I kept quite as I had no answer to this. He holded my hands and told me that he is approximately 10 years elder to me and really like hanging out with me but the feeling I had in my heart for him is not justified on any ground. I said I have no control over this and do not hold him accountable for anything. He had a sad face as well he hugged me and kissed my hands in an attempt to cheer me up.

I don’t know from where I got the courage, but I told him that Raghav I really started loving you, I am sorry but I have no control over this and neither I expect him to be emotionally available and I broke into tears. He held my hand and placed his lips on my lips and started kissing me. He kept kissing my lips until I stopped crying then move to my neck and it gave me goosebumps. He then carried me in his arms and took me to bed and said that he wants to confess something that he also has started having some feelings for me but he do not want to encourage me. He kissed me again and I felt complete this time. We explored each other with our hands I was kissing his neck he was kissing my chest, one thing led to another, and we were just in our undies. I told him that I saw him in undies while we were in camp and got turned on. He asked me that he wants me to score very well in school and if I do that, he is going to gift me something. Now he asked me what I want to eat, and we ordered some food in room and watched some movie. But who can be interested in movie when you are living your best. I went inside the quilt and put my mouth on his undies. He was laughing and telling me to stop but I was in no mood to give up. I was successfully able to make him hard and I removed his undies and started taking his mushroom head in my mouth. But I wanted to see it clearly. I removed the quilt, but I felt so shy to do that in front of him. I told him to slide own and removed his undie. Exploring that massive piece of meat that I craved so bad, it was so fat, veins were popping on the shaft and the pink mushroom head was constantly growing. He was super hygienic there was hardly any foul smell. I started licking it like a kid mad over an ice cream and completely forgot about Raghav. I heard him moan every time I take a lick, now I became turned on and wanted to take the whole thing in my mouth but with every attempt I was getting a gag reflex. Raghav said you wanted me to help you with this and without waiting for the reply he got up and made me lay on the edge of the bed and start entering my mouth in this position, he was super careful with my mouth and fucked it for good 20 minutes before shooting his manmilk right in my throat. He kissed my lips tasting his own milk and said he really liked my skill. It was evening and I need to go back but none of us were ready for that, but he said that he want me to take care of myself in his absence and then he handed me a new mobile phone as my Diwali gift. I was not ready for that and denied it as what will I tell my parents how I have this phone. He said that he is giving me that phone so that we can talk, and he can check upon me. God writing all this still giving me goosebumps. He said that from now on he should not receive any complaint from any front, and I need to make him proud. That was one of the best days of my life.

After Diwali break, I joined school with utmost zeal, every day I started working very hard with my studies as Raghav use to ask me about it every day. I felt that I am feeling much better as my emotions are well in control now. Before preboards I requested Raghav to meet me but alone, he said that it would be bad if Dhruv will get to know about it, I assured that I would not let anyone know about it. So, Raghav came to meet me on Saturday and took permission from warden to take me out for a day. We went to the same jungle resort in Jim Corbett. It was actually a dream come true, we had a lot of fun. Sex was something that we both never gave any priority; it was a kind of soul connection. Though, in between I always use to initiate make out. It was January and we were out for an afternoon jungle walk when we started kissing each other in the middle of jungle. It was so thrilling to do all this in open with the fear of getting caught. We both were feeling so lusty that none could control the moans and that really pushed me to the edge. I touched his manhood, and he was rock hard with a drop of precum making his undies wet on a spot, I went down on my knees and started to sniff his undies between his legs. He started grinding my face on his bulge. There was so much heat between us that I could not control it and took his 8 inch manhood in my mouth like a hungry monkey and started to deep throat him. While I was doing it he bent and spanked my ass, which gave me an electric shock like effect. I had all my blood flowing to my ass and in the heat of the moment I turned and put my ass towards him. He thought I want some more spanks and spanked my ass but I asked him to fuck my ass now. He said don’t be mad this is not something that we should be trying in open, and it is going to be painful. But my horny mind was not ready to listen anything, and I insisted him to fuck me, he started to finger me and I started moaning. Slowly he replaced one finger with two and I started feeling uncomfortable, but dint say anything. After a while he added one more finger and it was three fingers going in my ass, I started feeling the sharp pain and had to stop him, he said that this is something he was referring to. He hugged me and said that getting fucked is not a play, it must be done very cautiously specially when someone is never being fucked. I loved this feeling that he is thinking so much about me. We went back to resort, and it was the night and in morning we had to return. I asked him to try the fuck as I want to feel him inside me. He again started his lecture which I was obediently listening, we slept talking but in the mid night my sleep got disturbed. I kept looking at him in midnight as if it was a dream I never want to end. Then, the devil took over and I went between his legs started to kiss his pubes. He was sleeping and I was doing everything to disturb his sleep. Finally, I got his manhood in my mouth and started to suck it softly, soon there was a raging monster in my mouth, he slowly started to thrust my mouth. His manhood was totally wet with my saliva mixed with his precum. The liquids from my mouth were dripping on his balls and on bed. I again started getting the urge to get fucked by Raghav. By this time he was almost awake and telling me that his manhood is paining as it was hard for quite some while. I started fingering me with his 8-inch cock in my mouth, he saw this and told me that I am a very naughty kid. He asked me to be in 69 position so that I can suck him and he can finger me. He fingered me by the time my muscles were little relaxed. He asked me again if I really want to try this and I noded, he placed pillows under my tummy which raised my ass and then he started to rub his wet monster on my hole. I cannot describe that feeling as there are no words to describe it, I was badly moaning and asking him to enter. He was now pushing his mushroom inside my hole and I was trying my best to keep it relaxed. The moment his half mushroom entered I started screaming and he took it out. He said lets try some other time but I was determined to take at least his mushroom inside me, paradox was that his mushroom head was fattest part of his manhood. He again started to finger and made some space with his fingers and this time put some Vaseline lotion on his manhood so that it easily slide in, before entering he also asked me to make his manhood totally wet with my saliva. This time with one push his mushroom was inside me but I felt as if I am getting fainted with sharp pain. Suddenly I lost my consciousness next I saw him trying to wake me up. I was in his arms. My hole was still paining as I regained consciousness, he kissed my forehead and said enough of this madness and asked me to sleep. He gave me a muscle relaxant and hugged me to sleep. The morning I woke up and saw him going for bath, though my hole was still aching, but I hopped into bath with him, he kissed me and told me that he got scared last night and we must respect our bodies. We smooched each other and I went down on my knees to deep throat him, his cock could not hold it any longer and he came in my throat with soft moans, and I had my morning breakfast served right in my throat. We soaped each other and came out of bath, he dried my body and we laid on bed. I again confessed that I feel complete with him and he kissed me brushing my head.

After my 10 I changed my school to Vizag and he also took transfer to Bangalore, we continue to meet at every possible chance. As I was in hostel, he use to send me air tickets to fly Bangalore, he had whole apartment by himself. We had a lot of fun, he was the best friend I could ever get, he always use to sense when I feel sad, use to order my favourite food to me, spoil me with gifts and flowers. When I was in 12 standard his family asked him to get married as he was nearly 30. He resisted a lot but then told me that he is getting married, it was hard, and I cried a lot but knew that I cannot stop it. But we continue to remain in touch even after his marriage. He went to USA as I join Delhi University for my undergraduate but we always use to be in touch. He even use to send me goodies, cakes on my b’day and other sweet little things that assured me that I earned a friend for life. I recently moved to Canada for my masters, but we still talk at least 5 times a week. He will always be my first love.

PS: These are my real life incidents that I thought to share with all of you guys. If you like reading more such real-life incidents do support. Just to give you an update I am not in touch with Dhruv but still in touch with Raghav. You can also follow me on Instagram @swanky_beau

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