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Hi if you have patience then read it. It’s true story. And no parts only 1 long story.
Lalith normal person. He stays in an small beautiful village. He stays with his parents. Till 8th class he had 2 crush girl friends. And everything is normal like any other boys life. Once he finishes 8th class. He goes to boarding school in city. It’s not co education. Lalith got habituated to hostel and everything was going fine. After two months he found siddarth. Siddarth comes from well settled family he is studying in the same hostel since 4th class. So that hostel is his life. He is good looking and decent boy. Lalith and siddarth met through a mutual friend they became very good friends. After 3-4 months itself they became very best friends. Lalith can not connect to anyone that easily. If he connects he will be so serious and so strong. He connected to Sid. Even Sid loved lalith true friendship and lalith became sids best friend. They were eating together staying together everyone used to call them both lover birds. Till now everything was fine they are gd friends.

But some conversations and some situations what siddarth said to lalith changed laliths life. Siddarth statrted hugging and kissing lalith. Like normally but first lalith felt weird but he liked it as he is so connected to Sid. Sid use to do rarely sometimes. Later literally lalith got edicted to stay with siddarth. Lalith use to write a dairy daily. Before he used to write normally like others. But after sometime lalith used to write only moments he spent with Sid together. This was the transition phase for lalith. Once Sid said lalith if u were born as girl I would have definitely married you. Lalith didn’t given any response to this question. Sid was so connected to lalith and lalith was so connected to sid. Actually this connections and best friendship or saying all these it’s very new lalith. Everything was going fine. Some game was going around. Game was if suppose u r male but if u were born as female whom you would marry. Then someone asked lalith without any second thought he said I would marry Sid.

This was shocking statement for lalith too. Even he don’t know why he said that. Here lalith was good dancer no one know in that school he learnt classical, folk and western when he was small itself. For the first time he performed for Michael Jackson song dangerous. It became very big hit and lalith became so much popular. Every one used to call him Michael Jackson. And his class girls so many tried to get his number. The school has girls too but both have separate classes and hostel. Only for programs and sometimes they can see each other. Laith hered this news and he is happy for getting known. Sid loved his performance.
They finished 9th class and moved to 10th

The beds changed Sid and lalith not use to sleep together daily. Only on weekends after all slept Sid used to call lalith then lalith uses to go and sleep with Sid. Lalith likes to stay with Sid but he is sure he is not gay or anything. Why b coz he liked girls in that school too. One day night when they are both sleeping together Sid kissed normally then later Sid started giving lip lock to lalith and don’t know y lalith not able to take him out. Like he is not able to say no to Sid in anything. Y bcoz lalith was so connected and he can’t say no to Sid. Actually while kissing Sid used to kiss on fore head. When sids breath used to touch lalith he used to shake like getting current. Lalith was so emotionally connected. Even laith don’t know the reason. Days went of with beautiful weekends. Lalith birthday comes on December 17th and sids was on January 16th. This time lalith planned to give 12 gifts to sid same like oy movie. But on laith birthday Sid surprised lalith with 12 gifts in a beautiful way. On hole day he given different gifts in different intervals.
Lalith was so happy and loved him a lot. And they were happy. One day weekend night in final days of 10th Sid was in different mood and lalith was not able to control him he is kissing and doing so much romance. And was totally out of control. They both enjoyed it and after some time Sid asked lalith to suck his dick. Lalith was shocked and surprised and said no. And scolded Sid what r u doing wt happened like that. Sid forced laith by holding his neck saying satisfy me please and so. Lalith said no and went out. After this incident Sid was in anger and not talking with lalith. Except those both no one in class knows about this. Lalith heart broken as Sid was not talking to him. Before I said right if lalith gets connected to anyone he cannot leave them at any cost. Sid went to an ego kind as lalith said no and not talking. But here lalith was so so painful he wrote sorry to Sid with his blood in his dairy. At the small age itself lalith went to depression. It’s seem funny right but even lalith don’t know what he is doing. Like when Sid matter comes lalith is not lalith. Nothing is in his hands. He goes out of control. Y bcoz lalith was so emotionally connected to Sid. With in few days they will finish school and everyone will gets separated. Even to talk with Sid at a point of time lalith is ready to satisfy Sid by hooking up with him. The other side even Sid has that ego he forgot about it. But didn’t talked with lalith. Without compromise and talking they separated after finishing schooling.

Sid moved on(but he still loved lalith and laith was his best friend) but for lalith he was not able to forget it. Lalith kept distance and didn’t talked with Sid to forget it. He went to other college in Vijayawada but he was not able to forget Sid. Laith used to stock him on fb. And in college he understood how much he was edicted to Sid. So many times lalith went to depression as it’s his fault. Some person X came to his room who looks same like Sid Here to come out of depression lalith did one foolish thing. He tried to get close to person X and tried to kiss him. Omg lalith realized fast what he is doing and stooped he didn’t kissed. And moved from X. Days went on. But here he realized even lalith tried to forget Sid he was not able to forget. As normal persons lalith used to mastubrate but while mastubrating when lalith closes his eyes he used to see Sid image and then he use to get pleasure. And used to feel sweet moments spent with Sid and he used to mastubrate. I’t didn’t not helped to forget Sid but lalith came out of depression buy this. So he continued. And sometimes he used to imagine of satisfying Sid how Sid needs.

Lalith was unhappy doing this but not able to control it. After Sid lalith don’t want to have any best friends. He don’t have any best friends whom he can share this all. Sometimes lalith used to get foolish thoughts. He want to die and convert in to soul and his soul should go in to Sids wife and want to stay with Sid.

Days went on on the other side Sid want to be a good friend with lalith. Sid completely have no idea what’s going on with lalith. They both were not in contact.

Later this depression (or) what to name it no one knows. Little It ruined lalith study too. He joined graduation. Then he meets Rohit. Who doesn’t looks like Sid but his personality and character is the photocopy of Sid. Rohit and lalith became gd friends they both are in relationship with different girls. They both are straights they both know it. In this hole episode too lalith never forgot Sid. He is completely seeing Sid in rohith when ever he needs. He use to remember him a lot. During their first days of meet itself lalith was not able to control and kissed rohith and tried to seduce Rohit. And lalith don’t know what he is doing. And same rohit was shocked and surprised. But individually keeping Sid a part Rohit was very very good person. They both became very good friends. Rarely lalith used to seduce Rohit in night and fall a sleep. Days went on near sids birthday came and lalith was out of control.

Again lalith went to depression and want to come out of it completely. So many times he hated Sid for this. But nothing in lalith hands. After very good friendship rohit and lalith got good connection. Without asking Rohith lalith thought. Rohit will understand him and tried to satisfy him. Like even Rohit was new to it. Here lalith don’t know weather rohit liked It or he understood laliths problem. Rohit didn’t said no to lalith. Lalith used to satisfy rohith and thinks he is satisfying Sid. Lalith don’t know if he is doing right or wrong but here lalith is slowly coming out of that dark phase. By the help of Rohit. It’s looks funny but it’s sure while lalith satisfying rohith he used to feel he was satisfying Sid.

Here lalith and Rohit was fine having so many crushes on different girls in college. Everything was going fine. On every Sid birthday laith used to call him it’s must. Sid is in bangalore. Totally changed they never met after 10th. Sid has know idea about all these.

Days moved on lalith got breakup with his first gf with different reason and moved to North India for masters. But still in touch with Rohit as good friends. Here buy the help of rohith only lalith come out of Sid depression and moved on. He concentrated on his career, he had hnew relationship with new north Indian gf. She was very beautiful. The had oral sex so many times. he joined in student politics and became nationally known. He was very active in it spent two year there. But even in his two years in north India so many times he used to remember Sid. Just he use to mastubrate and imagine sweet dreams with Sid.
Lalith got an offer to go to UK. Here he got break up with his 2nd gf too. before going to UK he want to meet Sid. He called and said about his going to UK. And they decided to meet in a hotel at warangal. After six years they are meeting. It’s very happy moment to Sid. Laith checked in first and was waiting for Sid. (laith mentally thinked he should not over react when he saw Sid)
Door bell rang lalith opened door. He saw Sid same sid same face not at all changed. He want to hug Sid but didn’t hugged return Sid said hi lalith and took cigarette and went to smoke in toilet. Lalith was shocked he became fat but lalith hate smoking. He changed a lot. And then we sat and started drinking together then spoke many things. He is in relationship with a girl I shared about my break up. And we ate and enjoyed talking a lot. Still I can feel him when I touch his hand same feelings. He totally changed he has all bad habits drugs, smoking. And girls. He is found of girls. he fucked some 30 girls he shared so many stories. We stayed two days there 2nd day night. I holded his hand and kissed him he was drunk and in deep sleep. I imagined old Sid and hugged him still I remember I like to sleep on his shoulder by placing hand on his chest. I tried to satisfy him ya I dared and he knows I think. I think he still remembers he accepted. I sucked and we did oral and even he tried to fuck me. Ya I was ready only for him but it didn’t happened he tried a lot. He was so drunk. I thought it was the reason may be. He slept. I hugged him and slept. Finally I was happy. B coz I thought I satisfied him.

I went to abroad there I went to depression again due to lack of friends. It went up and down i goes in to depression and comes out again i remembers Sid and go back in to thinking again. Here second phase came lalith got doubt on his sexuality. Weather he is bi or straight. He knows he is not in to men. And lalith was open matured to accept anything. But he was not knowing. And now when he went to India he met Sid again. He tried again to satisfy Sid. But now Sid understood what’s going on to lalith and asked lalith y are you so conservative about me . Lalith has no answer later he explained Sid everything what went with him. Sid requested him to come out of it. Even Sid knows lalith was straight. Lalith assured Sid he will come out of it. In a function he met his ex 1st gf and again lalith and his ex gf are in relationship. Now laith is serious and want to marry his gf. But still he was not able to forget Sid and still he thinks of Sid and feels pleasure.

Here in this all phases he liked some males whom looks like Sid in Jammu or in india. But in two years in north India didn’t touched any boy.

Whats your opinion on Sid and lalith let me know. [email protected]

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