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Nenu Naa Adi – Phase 6 : A question forever

Reading Time: 5 minutes This is the final part of story of Adi and Tushar. They realized their love for each other. But will they be able to win the odds in society and live together forever?

Nenu Naa Adi – Phase 5 : Out of closet

Reading Time: 5 minutes After Deepak’s big revelation, Tushar is in the quest of his identity and finally tries to come out of the closet. What happened between Adi and Tushar. ? Is Tushar able to accept himself? Read this part to know the answers

Nenu Naa Adi – Phase 4 : New Beginnings

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here comes the next part of nenu naa adi series. In this part Tushar learns his world has become upside down. What will he do?