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A day out in forest and beach😍❤

Date with my clg frnd at forest, home and beach

My vijayawada fun trip-2

Hello guys, this is rishi 22 top 8 🍌 available in vizag vijwada hyderabad, so e story my recent story, my vijayawada fun trip story ki continuation,if avarina part 1 miss aetae adi chadivi edi start cheyandi ardam avutadi, Enka story loki veldam.. So ma frnd daggra nundi gr lo kalisina vadi room ki velli …

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My vijayawada fun trip

Hello guys, this is rishi 22 top 8 🍌 available in vizag vijwada hyderabad, I know na stories ki chala gap vachindi bcoz konchem busy undadam valana am raylekpoya eppuudu kuda busy unna but e story just jun 25,26,27 jarigindi anukokunda very excited ga jarigindi so taught of sharing with you all guys… Enka story …

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Home pakkana Navy bro 😍❤

Hi guys, this is rishi 22 top, 8 inch, available at vizag, hyd, vijwada, konchem gap vachindi stories bco of few works and iam back with my recent experience that happened on April 2 nd week, so story loki veldam inka… Naku whatsap lo chala frnds touch lo untuntaru and free unnappudu vc chestunta ala …

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Trust or Lust confused ☹️😍❤

Helo guys this is rishi, 22 , top, 8 rod🍌 available in vizag, vijwada, hyd.. Tnq for ur response to my stories and got many gud frnds through this.. So e page lo na real time life experiences only share chestunna andulo one of the best and konchem ebbandi pettena story eroju rastunna, edi recently …

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Hotel lo with Banglore model😍❤

Hi guys, this is rishi 22 top, 8 inch 🍌available in vizag, vijwada and hyd.. So I am back with another experience of mine, here this is my 3 rd story, I can say this is one of my best ever experiences.. Let’s go to story Konchem horny anipinchi grindr and blued open chesa, mrng …

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An unexpected threesome 😍❤

Frnd ni dengadaniki vachi, natho denginchukunnadu

Vijayawada pvp mall lo fun😍❤

Hlo every one this is rishi (changed) , iam 22 now, top,8inch🍌, slim fit, available in vizag, vijwada, hyderabad.. So before this incident naku chala gud experiences unnay but this was best and one of my recent experiences,and this is my 1 st strory in this page. Methoo share cheddam anukuntunna. Before going to start …

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