Love with arjun reddy-04(real love story )

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Hi guys,
Thanks for all your support and wishes.
Those who are reading for the First please read part 1,2,3.

It’s a love content one, there is no sexual content.
Sex content seeking person can skip.

Let’s get into the story.
Here we go………

Finally on Monday arjun joined the job in amzn.
First day kada full formalities etc cheparanta.
1month training period.

First day office Aipoyindhi
Around 12:30mid nyt call chesanu….
Because office timings 2pm – 12am ani.

Call chesanu…..
Byke midha unanu room ki velaka call chesthanu annadu.

It’s 1:45 call chesadu

Arjun: hello, Padukunava
Me: Ledhu Chepu, how was your first day in office?
Ar: baganey undhi. Full tired aipoyanu.
Me: Frnds aiyara yavaraina?
Ar: Ha 4members Aiyaru.
Me: good. Tini paduko mari
Ar: Nuv tinava?
Me: Ha tinesanu.
Ar: sare paduko. Catch you tomorrow Gud nyt

Ahla job lo join aiyna starting days lo daily mid nyt 5mins call matladevadu.
Sometimes no.
Sare lae tired aipoyi untadu kada ani nenu em ananu.

But daily legaganey NeNu GM ani message chesthanu
Tanu legaganey tanu GM ani miss kakunda pedthadu.
So GM message ardam aiyedhi
Lechadu ani
Ready Owvi office ki velthunatadu ani.

Ahla 2weeks tarwatha ah 5mins call kuda stop Aipoyindhi.

2 3 days Chusanu.
Ah tarwatha neney 4days call chesi adiganu

Me: em aiyindhi call cheyadam Ledhu ndhuku ani
Ar: chala tired aipothunanu
Me: at least 1min aiyna matladochu GA
Ar: please bheja fry cheyaku, phn peti paduko
Me: OK thank you so much. Sry for disturbing you. Inka call cheyanu
Ar: Em anna anukovey, eda guddal dum aithundhi, karipothundhi ante modda sulli aathulo poottu ani Dimag karab chesthunav.
Me: sry, bye
Ar: Dhengai. Modda bye

Phn cut chesesanu kopam tho, ndhuku intha addict owvadam, expect cheyadam OKa person nundi, e expectation valla ney hurt owthunanu.
Inka phn cheyodhu, call chestey matladathanu lekhapotey Ledhu ani fix aipoyanu.

Daily GM message Edharam chesthunam
But no calls

Ahla 8days Aipoyindhi

9th day mid nyt around 2 ki call chesadu.
I was sleeping.
2nd time call ki lift chesanu

Ar: hello?
Me: chepu
Ar: em aiyindhi call ledhu em ledhu
Me: tired aipothunav kada, so I don’t want to disturb you. Andhukae call cheyadam Ledhu.
Ar: sare. Sare. Sare

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1 year ago

Broo middle lo stop chesav
incomplete ga vundi so andhuke valu reject chesaru Mali rayuu plzzz
Waiting for u r story

Truee guy
1 year ago

Plz continue the story iam waiting for your story

Stress Carrier
1 year ago

Nee story pettu broo…… Motham complete cheyyiii eager ga waiting story kosamm……..

Aniyan Raj
Aniyan Raj
7 months ago

Part 5 konchem twaraga post cheii Bro I’m waiting ur post plss..

Last edited 7 months ago by Aniyan Raj
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