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iam pure top life long dengutanuuserpending10:51 pm 26 November, 2020
Anukoni athithiuserpending3:13 pm 26 November, 2020
car lo veera dengulaata……userpending7:15 pm 24 November, 2020

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High school daysusertrash11:58 am 24 November, 2020Very short
My First Experience everusertrash11:58 am 24 November, 2020Very short
Bava tho sariganga snanamusertrash11:56 am 24 November, 2020
Love caremadhutrash5:19 pm 18 November, 2020
Night experience with athayausertrash3:59 pm 10 November, 2020Not a gay story
First timeusertrash3:58 pm 10 November, 2020
Lorry driverlatho gumpu denguduusertrash1:05 pm 8 November, 2020
Dasarausertrash1:26 pm 7 November, 2020very short and not in telugu
THREESOME – RKRusertrash4:16 pm 5 November, 2020very short
Railway Station Bathroom lo………………………usertrash5:38 pm 3 November, 2020
Prema Modalaindiusertrash12:37 pm 30 October, 2020very short
Junior tho seniorusertrash1:30 pm 28 October, 2020very short
Love 19usertrash1:16 pm 28 October, 2020Very short only 290 words
Vinay tho na prayanam…part-6madhutrash1:15 pm 28 October, 2020very short and incomplete