Banglore Days Part-1

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Hello guys. Lucky here. Back with another story. Thanks for the huge response for my previous story.

This story is of November 2020. Nenu Na frnds tho kalisi bnglr Vella. Akkada Na childhood classmates higher studies chadutunnaru. Valla kosam memu oka 4 members vellam. Akkada iddaru unnaru. Lakdikapool flyover deggara Mrng bf chesi start ayithe evng 5 ayindi velle sariki. Appati daka chala sarlu bnglr vellina sare this trip is so special that too after first wave kada, chala enjoy chestu vellam. Bnglr enter avvagane, near RBI main office traffic police pedda issue film glasses, back glass meeda names, RC and so called stuff. Yentaina mana Hyd police mamalu laga kadu, chala strict chesinaru. Finally reached flat- 6th floor meeda. New building anta, ambience chala bagundi..nice swimming pool, gym, volleyball court, and a small park. Annitikante highlight Ma frnd valla flat. Balcony loki velte pakka buildings valla terrace and can find so many beautiful women and girls there. Covid time kabatti andaru intlone untaru kada, Maku timepass ki vallane chuse Vallam.

Five days ayindi, we went to Mysore, Nandi Hills, and some other places. But our fav hangout place will be pubs in MG road. So oka Sunday evng plan cheskoni vellam, actually Friday and Saturday kudarle. So memanta oka table meeda adjust avtunnam ade time lo pakka table meeda oka pedda gang maalagane. Ma bnglr frnds vallani chusi excite ayyaru. Vallanta same college anta. They all know each other. Tables join cheyamani manager Ni request cheste join chesadu. Ma gang lo Nenu and inko frnd tagamu. Rest all booze. Kabatti they ordered jugs of beers and I got my red bull. Memanta adi edi discuss chestu Oka point lo vere gang lo unna north east gadu connect ayyadu- we discussed something about AFSPA and Citizenship. Andaru yevari gola lo vallu unnaru, memu matram still discussing more stuff. He started touching my thighs, but just casual gane unnadu. He’s so hot with 6 pack and I could see his biceps are pooping out. Chala hot ga unnadu. Nenu proceed avdama vadda ani anukuntunna. Sarle oka sari Gr lo chuddam near by yevaraina unnaremo ani open chesa. There’s a guy who is near 5 meters and there’s a face on the dp. When I looked around there’s a hot guy who is in his western formals along with a woman companion. Vada kada ani double check chesa. Vade. By this time I got 5 messages from him. Just to confirm him and me. I asked him to come near restroom area so that we can know.

After 2 mins I went near restrooms huge space yem ledu vadu vachadu. We exchanged our names. He’s on a party night with a office colleague anta. She’s so hot by the way, red skirt veskoni kattila undi. Oka 2 mins matladkoni we started to think of a place to meet. He said he’s a slave and I’m a master. Baga dorikade anukunna but no place to meet. He said ki atleast he wanna have my cum in his mouth. So finally vadi car lo bj chesta Annadu. Na frnds ki Nenu call vachindi I’ll comeback in sometime ani cheppi road meedaki vacha. By the time I come, he cleared his bills and was waiting outside.Appudu vadni correct ga chusa. He looks more hotter in reality than in pics. He’s 26 year old, 6′ height and around 67 kg weight. White formal shirt meeda aa gaddam look tho chala bagunnadu. Car lo ekkanu. I don’t know it’s safer or not but somehow I did. Pakkane unna street ki teeskelladu. Road extension work avtundi road end lo, so no cars there. Normal ga oka side ki car park chesi bytiki vacham.

Casual ga oka chocolate and cigar teeskoni car back seat lo ekkamu.

Shirt vippadu. We hugged each other and asked me if we can smooch, I said no as it’s not hygienic. He obeyed and I enjoyed his nipples. White body kada kandipoyindi baga Koddi sepatiki. I said let’s do fast, else my frnds may come. Chocolate open chesi konchem bite chesadu. Nenu jeans jogger veskunna. Konchem loose chesadu and underware Ni lick chesadu. Then he opened my cut dick and started sucking it deep. Omg, he’s so good in sucking. Chala baga cheekutunnadu. Vadni paiki lepi nipples meeda gattiga korikanu. Sirrrrr no! Ani arichadu. Nenu vadi notlo vummu vusanu. He drank it and started sucking again. Nenu balls cheekamani cheppa. Balls kuda okati tarvata inkoti marustu baga chikadu. Nakemo time avtundi anna worry. Baga chikutunnadu. Nenu vadi nipples Ni presss chestunna. Inka last moment vachindi. I said I’m cumming. Vadalakunda suck chestunnadu. Motham vadi notlone karchesa. Vadu motham alane unchi oka chocolate bite notlo pettukoni baga chapparistu motham mingesadu. Nenu vadi notlo okasari spit chesa. Aa tarvata vade tissues teeskoni Na cock and balls baga near ga clean chesadu. Na cock clean chesina tissues tho vadu face ni tudchukunnadu.

Atlast we got down and he bought me a pan, I had and we exchanged numbers. Malli nannu pub deggara dimpadu. Aa tarvata inko kala khandam jarigindi.

By the time I go inside, northeast gadu washroom byta unnadu. Nenu chusi smile icha. Vachi, someone said you’re in washroom, was just waiting for you, annadu. No, I just got a call so went downstairs ani cheppa. Is that your girlfriend ani cheppi eyes blink chesadu. Nenu vadi chevi deggariki velli Y shouldn’t be a boy ? Ani cheppa. Iddaram smile cheskunnam. I said I’m hungry and moved towards our table. Our starters arrived and memu iddaram oke plate lo tintunnam. He slowly kept his hands on my thigs. He is rubbing there slowly. Naku matter ardamaindi. Nenu washroom deggara Anna maata serious ga teeskunnademo. Nenu adiga..vadu, na vaipu serious ga chusi, did u joke about that annadu. I said yes, nenu yedo casual ga cheppa ani Anna. Vadu, I’m sorry. Actually I’m bisexual bottom annadu. Naku manasulo full happy but bytiki, oh is that ani Anna. Aa tarvata yemaindo next part lo chepta

I’m 22 top master guy. Muslim, with around 7′ circumsized dick. Into bottoms and slaves- time pass guys don’t text me. Msg me with pic and number, else I don’t reply. Your messages and feedback are most welcome. Contact me at [email protected] Happy hunting, Stay Safe. Bye !!

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12 days ago

Am 51 age pure bottom
Unmarried uncle.
Any boys fuck me loose my ass hole

12 days ago

Dude mail id is not reachable..seems something is wrong..could you please update here

11 days ago

Hey please give a valid email id v
Or reply me [email protected]
Waiting for ur message 😘

11 days ago

Hiii bro story superrrr

10 days ago

Hi dude seems email id is not correct can u check and reply plz

7 days ago
Reply to  Kumar
Abubakar Siddiq
Abubakar Siddiq
7 days ago

Ur email was not right please check and reply to this email
[email protected]
I m muslim bottom age 20

3 days ago

Ping me on insta @raghav_rag_66

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