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Hello guys,
Na peru Lucky and Nenu Hyderabad lo unta. Ee story jarigi almost oka 3 months avtundi. But still it’s feels so fresh for me whenever I think about it.

One fine day, lunch chesi Gr lo chat chestunna. Andaru time pass unnaru le ani laptop on chesi movie chustunna – Dirty Hari, already movie chusa chala sarlu so manaki kavalsina shots deggara drag chesi play chestunna. Slow ga na dick erect aytundi. Hero Shravan valla gf ki massage chese scene ki Na madda baga erect ayindi. Gr lo try cheddam Right Now’ vallu unnaremo ani open chesa. After 5 mins okadu chat chesadu, he likes cut dick anta so after 2/3 messages he asked me to show my dick just to confirm whether it’s circumsized ani. Chupincha and at the same time I saw his face. He’s so cute and his beard adds the beauty to his face, age adiga 22 annadu, oh nakante one year pedda. Naku ok Niku ok na ani text chesadu. Nenu YESsss ani text chesa. We exchanged numbers and within 15 mins na flat ki vachadu. Intlo yevaru leru so direct ga na room ki teeskella.

Nenu bed meeda kurchunna..make yourself comfortable ani cheppi water kavala ani adiga. He said no. Just ala bed meeda vali mobile chustunna and he touched my feet with his hands. Chala challaga unnai, Nenu appudena ani adiga. Vadu Nuvve kada make yourself comfortable annav ani cheppi eyes blink chesadu.

Nenu vadni lakkuni pakkana kurchobettukunna. We started talking – personals and some random stuff, he said he’s broken- gf hand ichindanta, so he wanted to get out from that, so started Gr ani cheppadu. I said I don’t like the answer he gave, then we talked for some time and he suddenly started pressing my dick, it slowly got erected. Lights off chestava ani adigadu, I said no. He removed my short and started licking my underware. After 5 mins he slowly removed my UW and started sucking my dick. Aa time baga hairy ga undi, he said he like hairy dicks. Na balls lick cheymani cheppa. He said no. Konchem moodoff laga expression icha. Appudu vadu undress ayyadu, pocket lo nunchi diary milk chocolate teesi, dick meeda petti chikadu. Chocolate Mottam alane finish chesadu.

Tarvata slow ga balls lick chestunnadu, adenti cheyanu annav kada ani adiga. Just test chesa, force chestavemo ani, but you didn’t ani cheppi he started sucking and licking my balls. Chala baga chikutunnadu. Alomost 20-25 minutes avtundi, I asked him to rim. Without a single word,he started licking my ass with his tongue entering near my asshole. I felt it so good. I’m on cloud nine. Okasari dick suck, balls licking sucking and rimming…repeat chestunnadu anni. But one important thing, he is not it as however he want to, neat ga tongue tho proper speed lo chestunnadu. 45 minutes ayindi..I said I wanted to fuck. He said ok and turned around. Then I realised that he said he’s a virgin. Vadu chesina sucking licking ki I don’t think he’s a virgin guy ankunna.

I touched his ass checks chala soft ga unnai. Baga nachai. Baga press chesa. Slow ga ani arustunnadu, Nenu navvi inka fuck start chey ledu just ass cheeks piskutunna Anthe ani. Ass hole deggara finger petti rub chestunna..vadu moan chestunnadu. Spit chesa rough ga. Spit chesi oka finger pettaniki try chesa. Chala tight undi okka finger poniki kuda kastam ga undi. Nenu baby oil use chesta body ki shine kosam. So body massage oil teeskoni gudda lo posi slow ga rub chestu one finger then two fingers ala ala loose chestunna. Vadi moaning sound ki naku inka mood perugutundi. Haaaaasssssssh anna sound tappa room chala calm ga undi. Light off chey Annadu. Lights off chesa, malli vachi suck cheymani cheppa. Oka two minutes suck chesi, take my virginity honey ani naku ear lo Annadu.

Aa feeling chala bagundi. Na deggara choco flavoured dotted condoms untai so okati teesi madda ki petta. Slow ga asshole deggara slap chestunna cock tho. Ala ala slap chestu okkasari motham lopaliki pettesa. Gattiga arichadu. Vaddu , teesai please …remove chey Annadu. Nenu vadi meeda padukoni pamper chestunna- I started licking and biting his ears ..slow ga fuck chestunna just jerk moments laga. Konchem line loki vachadu. Fuck me baby Annadu, inka fuck start chesa. Oka five minutes tarvata position change chesa. Doggy position lo konchem sepu denga. Then bed corner ki teeskochi legs paiki lepi dengutunna. At the same time vadi nipples Ni baaga lick chestunna. Left nipple right nipple change chestu nakutunna and korkutunna. Chala red ga ayyayi. Oka 10minutes tarvata oka leg lepi vadni back side nunchi hug cheskoni fuck chestunna ( I’m bad at naming the angles) dengu…aaa dengai ani arustunnadu.

I said I’m about to cum. Vadni adiga where do u want me to cum ani, vadu I’m all yours use me however you want to Annadu. Fast ga condom teesi oka cloth tho dick clean chesi notlo petta. Cheekutunnadu. I opened his mouth and spit on his tongue. He drank it all. Give me more annadu. I spit again. Baga chikutunnadu. I said I’m cumming. Motham last drop daka wait chesa…motham tagadu. Na face various chusi oka smile icharu. Washroom ki velli clean cheskoni vacham. Dry ayyam. Bed meeda padukoni nude ga hug cheskunnam. He kissed on my forehead and said, my first Sex and baby you made it so special.

Thanks babe Annadu. You’re welcome sweetheart ani cheppi nipples korika. Can I ask you something Annadu. I said yes. Can you fuck me again ..can I stay here tonight ani adigadu. I said NO. My parents are about to come ani cheppa. It’s already 7:30 pm. I said it’s high time you leave. Okkasari mouth lo spit chey Annadu. Sare ani cheppi spit chesa. He licked my spit and exchanged a hug. I asked him to drop me till near by supermarket. He came there with me he gave me dairy milk celebration box, I got few essentials. He dropped back home. I asked him to ping once he reach home. He did and our journey didn’t stop there. After that we met several times, not just for sex but for casual meets too. Movies ki, shopping ki, new year ki and so on.

I’m 22 top master guy.Muslim guy. Around 7″ circumsized dick . Into bottoms and slaves. Your messages or feedback are welcome. Contact me at [email protected]
Happy hunting. Stay safe.

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Manoj Agiwal
Manoj Agiwal
4 months ago

Super story
I’m top and bottom

Manoj Agiwal
Manoj Agiwal
4 months ago

[email protected] Com
I’m top and bottom both

4 months ago

Woww so nice story
Karthik here from Hyderabad dilsukhnagar catch me on insta karthii_dsnr
Messenger karthikdsnr

4 months ago

Your snap if pls

4 months ago

I’m top vers teen guy
Insta: hum_anrider

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