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This is the first time I am posting my story. Last month, I booked rapido to travel within the city. While returing to home, I booked rapido auto again and the auto driver is short, fit and fair. As you guys know, these autodrivers put on ear phones and talk with someone while driving, my drive did the same. His accent and his usage of words and he himself is so hot that they turned me in. I am not able to talk anything or do first move because he is talking on phone. Finally when I am 10 min away from my home, ge disconnected the call. Immediately I started conversation like, How many rides you do in a single day? How will be your earning? Age? Is this money sufficient? For this he said no and I thought its my cue now because my house is only 5 min away. Immediately I said why don’t you do parttime, now a days there are people who are fcking and earning. For that he answered, yes bhai, I need to do, but I didnt get anyone till date. Then I said, if you are interested I can give you 1k for 1 hour massage session where you should do massage to me. Do you know how to do it? He said, ha bhayya, kardethum….there is a lodge near my home at JNTU area where they will charge 500-600 for 2-3 hours and I have asked him to take me there. The rest of the story, I will post again. Ignore if there are any grammatical errors

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