oohinchani kalayika part4

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After that day, me and Arun were meeting whenever I have place available and am also meeting other guys when they have place, life was going in a flow but suddenly due to some personal issues Arun went to India, struck there and I was very much busy with the office work and not meet anyone for 3 months.

Once your body is pampered with sex, then it’s not easy to pacify it without that. So, the itching has started in ass hole to meet someone who is hot and romantic. I believe in this, “When you strongly wish for it, nature will make the way for it” 😉. These days I was chatting with multiple people but never meet due to some other works. In that Rudra is also one of the guys whom I regularly chat in GR and meet for dinners. Rudra is from Walayar, India but he speaks Telugu with me and his Telugu also good.

One fine Thursday I was chatting with him and told

Me: chala dulla ga undi chala days ayindi denginchukonii

Rudra: rey, nakuda alane undi… 1 week nunchi kottukoledu

Me: ayooo papam, nenu emina help chayana

Rudra: nuvu ani mattlae, enni days nunchi chatting chestham, dinner ki veluthunam okasare kuda room ki raledu

Me: ni dagara place unte cheppu eppude vastha

Rudra: Nijama , pakka na?

Me: avunu

Rudra: then pack your bags for next 3 days and come to my place. My rommie is not there in home and I am working from home. We can enjoy to the core.

Me: why do I pack my bags. We will be nude for entire 3 days then 😉

Rudra: are you sure?

Me: Naughty, I was just joking. Will go home and come over to your place by night 10PM.

Rudra: OK, will wait for you.

Around 10.30 PM, I have reached his apartments and Rudra guided me to his home and asked me to come inside and lock the door.

I have opened the door and I was shocked with fragrance of the home. All the lights have been switched off and rose, jasmine scented candles have been lighten, then I lock the door and turn around to see where he is, then I dropped my bag seeing Rudra, to my surprise Rudra was standing over back of the door nude 😉. It was really amazed to see that someone tried to do things to impress you.

After seeing him in nude and that too in golden color light, I was in mad and instant horny equally. Rudra got good body with no belly fat, strong thighs and 7 inch tool with 2.5 inch width (yep, later I measured it 😉)

Me: wow, super… you have planned very well, you have put lot of effort, thnx baby.

Rudra: entha chesina thakuva e andam kosam, elanti andam ni anubhavinchali ante a martham cheyali

Me: e velugu lo ni magasiri chusthe picchekkipothunde naku

Rudra nanu meeliga thana dagarku lakkunnadu

It’s a perfect atmosphere to start the kiss, I closed my eyes and lend my lips to Rudra to kiss them, we both started smooching and I have responded with equal vigor. I don’t want to have an inch distance also between us, I hugged him tightly while kissing, Rudra is kissing me very nicely. Rudra broke the kiss and pushed me towards the wall. Rudra started running his fingers on my body and removed my t shirt and short. He is nude and am almost nude except the thong (which doesn’t even cover my ass checks also 😉). We are both are very much passionately looking at each other’s body, then I pulled him towards me to hug tightly. Rudra again started moving his fingers on my body in rhythmically, I can’t explain the feeling am going, it needs to be self-experienced, I myself doesn’t know my body is that much sensitive and my heartbeat increases with every action of him. Rudra is killing me with his romance and he equally enjoying by seeing me like that.

Rudra went to my moobs and took them into his hands, by seeing my nipples.

Rudra: na nipples ni press chesthu, na sallu ni hands lo ki tesukoni asallu eavrina chekinara baby ni sollu ne

Me: haa baby, chala thakkuva use chese la chukonta vatini..

Rudra: nenu chala mandi abbayala sallu ni ammaila size la pencha le, inka eppudu nee vantu

Me: aboo chala experience undi ana matta, enni chesav

Rudra: oka magadini a matta asallu adagakudadu and na lanti magasiri unnavadu asallu cheppadu

After that, Rudra started pressing them and playing with them, moving his hands like mixing the chapati flour or pulping the mango out. He started taking them into mouth and sucking them like a fully ripe mango. This is very much new for me and am experiencing both pain and pleasure. then he came near my ears.

Rudra: Nachinda

Me: Sigutho gattiga hug chesukona

Rudra: entha smooth undi enti ra ni body, vennapoosa la sarumani jaruthundi

Rudra moved little further and pushed me down on my knees, bring his dick to my mouth. It smells so good and very much neatly maintained. I touch the dick top with my tongue and started rounding my tongue on pink hole and skin besides, touching, pulling them with lips and wrapping my warm mouth on dick head inch by inch (I wanna give back all pleasure to Rudra as well by using sucking techniques). Rudra started feeling my warm mouth by closing his eyes. then I moved my head further towards his dick and started sucking it slowly, it’s growing more and more in my mouth. I took further deep until my throat and started giving him deep throat sucking, keep his dick in deep throat without moving for few secs and again started sucking without taking out his dick from my mouth. Rudra started moaning aah aah ahha aha,

Telugu : emi cheskuthunra lanja, asallu emina sukham isthunava antu inka thana modda ni gonthu loki thosthunadu

Rudra started oozing precum and it tastes sweet and salty which made even crazy to suck more and more. Rudra also started to give stokes in my mouth and it’s hitting down my throat and hurting like hell at the same time we both are experiencing the pleasure as well. After 10 mins, I got my chin pain and slow down little bit. Rudra understood that, he hold my head and neck (which signals to stop sucking). I stopped sucking and stayed like that then Rudra started fucking my mouth rigorously and faster.

Rudra started moaning heavily and his movements become faster and heavily. I understood he is about cum now .

Rudra: arey lanja, vachela undi notlo ne poyana annadu

Me: Notlo poyi baby ani signal icha, anthe vedi vedi ganji notlo posadu , chala vachindi chikkaga bhale undi varam rojulla stock kada

I have swallowed almost, few drops came out of my mouth. I further continued to suck for a min and cleaned it very well.

Rudra nanu paiki leepi, na peddala nunchi karuthuna thana ganji ni thana nakutha tesukoni na notlo posadu, malli ma peddallu penavesukonnayi.

Thanks again for all the support and comments my dear friends.

In the next part I will tell you what happened and how Rudra fucked me, how it has turned into a threesome.

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